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A message from the Board of Directors

A message from the Board of Directors

The Co-op is proud to be part of this vibrant, dynamic Willy Street
neighborhood. Because it is so vibrant, traffic is an issue. Many
Co-op Owners have requested that we look at opening a second exit
from the parking lot as a way to address some of those concerns.

In order to make the best decision we can on this topic, we have been
gathering relevant information. Towards this end we have commissioned
a traffic study to look at how traffic and the neighborhood would be
impacted by changes, including (but not limited to) adding an egress
onto Jenifer Street; and asked Owners and neighbors for their input.

How we address this topic will consider all feedback we have received
from our Owners and the community. We encourage all those interested
to attend the Board meeting when this topic will be addressed; we
will let you know when that meeting is once we place it on our Board

The Co-op Board and staff are working to evaluate and address
traffic-related issues as a whole, in a way we believe will best
serve the interests of the 16,000+ Co-op Owners. Our roots are in
this neighborhood and we are committed to being the best neighbor we
can be. We understand that there are those who would not welcome an
egress onto Jenifer Street. We also recognize, as others do, that
there are seldom perfect solutions. We will continue to look at the
facts and listen to the community.


Renée Lauber, President

Willy Street Co-op Board of Directors