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From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: To appreciate something is to “grasp the nature, worth, quality or significance of” that thing.
As an Owner of the Co-op, I appreciate that the Co-op allows me to put my values into practice. I have the opportunity to ensure my food dollars go toward more than just a profit margin, to spend my money in my local community, to support small-scale, organic farmers, and to be part of a cooperative movement that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Co-op Appreciates Its Owners!
Appreciation goes both ways. As much as you appreciate your Co-op and your ownership in the Co-op, your Co-op very much appreciates you. Owners provide financial support through their Fair Share investment. Owners allow us to provide staff with a living wage and benefits through your shopping expenditures. Owners validate our vision and mission—if we were to stray too far, or fail to adhere to the seven cooperative principles, Owners would let us know through word and deed.

Owners Appreciate the Co-op!
“I love the WSGC because I can always count on local, fresh food that has been chosen with care. I trust the quality of the products. I have a say in what is sold!” – Erika K.

Our Owners come to the Co-op for a wide variety of reasons—they like shopping in the neighborhood, they support local growers and producers, cooperative values are important to them, the store is on their way home from work, friendly and helpful staff make the shopping experience better, or the Deli’s Cheesy Bowties pasta is addictive.

“I appreciate knowing that no one is unfairly profiting off of my food dollars… I know farmers/producers are being paid fairly, and staff are balancing a variety of factors to make sure prices are appropriate.” – Melissa M.

How can you show your appreciation for the Co-op?

  • Keep on shopping here. Check the Reader for new products you may want to try. If you would like us to offer something not currently on the shelves, tell us about it.

  • Take a class or workshop ­—we offer dozens every year on topics ranging from Urban Gardening to Food Preservation. Check the online calendar for upcoming classes.

  • Vote in elections—8% of our Owners voted in the August election for new Board members. We’d love to see 10% of our Owners taking part in the next Board election.

  • Join a committee. The Board is working on establishing committees to focus on specific governance or strategic issues, and we are very keen on having Owners participate on those committees. Stay tuned for more!

How can the Co-op express its appreciation of its Owners?

  • Throw a kick-ass Annual Meeting & Party every year, with music, trivia, prizes and food!

  • Listen and respond to your comments and suggestions.

  • Keep you informed about food issues and projects so you can make informed decisions about what you buy and eat.

  • Other ideas? Share them with a Board member at an Owners’ Forum—held on the third Tuesday of the month, just before the Board meeting. We’ll see you there!

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