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January—cold, snowy
This is a great month to pile up a few good books, grab a mug of something warm, maybe curl a cat on your lap and give your thought processes a stir. I'm hanging on to my own cats, but I will share some book suggestions with you!

The Eco-Foods Guide
First up is our special of the month, The Eco-Foods Guide by Cynthia Barstow. Barstow, with credentials in sustainable agriculture marketing, has been advocating for an alternative, healthier food system for over a decade. This book is a great help in making sense of all the different terminology that's becoming attached to the foods we have available. She sorts the differences between organic, GMO's, integrated pest management (IPM) CSA's, shade-grown coffee, fish farming...and the list goes on. The book is filled with web-links to various food-oriented groups so you can find even more information and discover ways to encourage change. The rest of the good news is that The Eco-Foods Guide is written in a very readable, down-to-earth style that won't scare you away, but will help you make a bit more sense of what's happening with your groceries. It's on sale during January at 15% off the publisher's price.

One Makes the Difference
Many people recognize the name of Julia Butterfly Hill as the young woman who lived in a giant redwood tree to protect it from being cut down. One of Hill's more recent works is a book titled One Makes The Difference. In this book, Hill offers lots of ways we can all work to improve the health of our planet and the lives of all living here. Much of the basic information may seem familiar, but Hill includes contact information for various advocacy groups, advice for dealing with government and corporations, and how to start effective grassroots efforts. This book is an easy read thatwill appeal to teens and adults alike.

The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy
More and more people seem to be finding themselves on special diets to help resolve various medical problems. Many are going the gluten-free route, which can look like a huge challenge to the beginner. Bette Hagman has been authoring gluten-free recipes for many years and one of her most popular books has been The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy. In this book, Hagman has reduced the fat content of the recipes and also the preparation times. The book contains a large section on gluten-free baking and then goes on to cover all the other categories we all know and love, from appetizers, to soups, pastas and main dishes both meaty and vegetarian. If you or someone you care for is going gluten-free, Hagman can help make the journey a little easier.

Patio Furniture & Yoga Mats
In the December Reader, I talked a bit about the new patio furniture in front of the store. If you are interested in a special order, I would be happy to share more information including my new email address. We have also had a great response to our new natural rubber yoga mats, stop in and check em out!