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Bulk department

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Looking to save some money and do good by the environment? Look no farther than our bulk aisle!


With hundreds of items to choose from, it's easy to understand why our bulk aisle is the reason that many people choose to shop at Willy Street Co-op. From basic staples like rice, beans, pastas, flours, and nuts; to decadent snacks like chocolate-covered almonds, candied ginger, and chocolate clusters; to a vast array of herbs and spices, we've got your bulk needs covered. We even have an extensive selection of liquid bulk items such as maple syrup, honey, cooking oils, vinegar, and dish soap. Many of our bulk items are certified organic, and we source locally whenever possible.


Buying in bulk is often cheaper! Packaging costs money, and when you buy in bulk that savings is passed on to you. In a recent price comparison, we determined that on average, buying in bulk at Willy Street Co-op saves $.16/oz over our nearest competitor for certified organic staple foods.


According to the EPA, 40% of America’s landfills are comprised of wasted food and food packaging. By shopping in bulk and purchasing only what you need, you can reduce both your food budget and your waste. Do you only need ½ lb of that obscure grain for the recipe you want to make? Instead of buying a 2lb package and wasting most of it, you can purchase exactly ½ lb in the bulk aisle. If you choose to put it in a reusable container, you’re eliminating the packaging waste as well. It’s a win win!


If you’ve been in our bulk aisle recently, you know that it’s a busy place! Food moves through the bins quickly, meaning a fresher, higher quality product than you may find in a package. This is especially true at the Co-op, where we specialize in selling organic foods in bulk. Larger grocery stores may carry comparable organic options, but chances are they don’t move through them quite as quickly as we do.

Allergens in the bulk aisle

Willy Street Co-op staff takes pride in using high quality products and safe food-handling procedures. However, only packaged products with allergen-free claims should be considered safe for those who have extreme food-related allergies. Our re-packaged bulk items ("Willy-Packed" dried fruits, snacks, and other foods) are packed in our Kitchen, where common allergens (nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs) are used daily. Our Bulk aisle also features some products that contain allergens, and airborne transfer of allergens could occur. For more information please ask our staff or see our allergen statement.