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Business Matters

Board of Directors elections

The ballots have been counted and the new Board members are seated and primed to start their three-year terms. Congratulations to Raechel Pundsack, Jeff Bessmer, and Wilson Majee. Total ballots cast were 881 with 795 being valid and 86 invalid. A huge thank you goes to our outgoing Board members Deb Shapiro, Buck Rhyme, and Steve Silverberg.

Parking lot

The parking lot will have repair work done this month—we are working to schedule this work in two stages to keep at least HALF the lot open during each stage. The work will include repair of major and minor cracks, an area at the loading dock will be completely reconstructed, and striping (painting) will be refreshed for the parking stalls and walkway lines.

Second exit

In early summer, we learned that the site plans along the Jenifer Street side of the Co-op’s property were out of compliance (mainly due to the organic creep of the landscaping that has taken place over the last ten years) and needed to be updated. In June, we ordered new site plans to be drawn, submitted these to the City for review and the plans were approved.

In the process of doing this site plan work, the idea to review the area at the Jenifer Street end of the west parking lot was talked about between the landscape architect, Bruce Woods, and myself. The area, called a swale, was designed to manage rainwater runoff from the west parking lot. Bruce has suggested several ideas to improve drainage by reconstructing the swale to a true culvert with no plantings; or to create a driveway connecting the parking lot to Jenifer Street with a grate-style drain. Owners have repeatedly suggested the driveway idea, but an earlier Plan Commission decision to restrict our ability to add a driveway onto Jenifer Street had left us with little hope of ever seeing it happen. With the need to improve drainage and Bruce’s suggestion, it appeared to be a good time to explore our options. Our first steps were to seek feedback from members, neighboring residents and property owners, and to learn the process involved in having a Plan Commission decision overturned. A brief questionnaire was offered to members at the store to see if there was any support for the idea. Many thoughtful comments were made and the input has provided more pros and cons to the idea; the concerns raised will shape our next steps. Thank you!

As members of our neighborhood, bound by the City’s conditional use permit process, we will follow their requirements and nothing will proceed without a neighborhood meeting indicating generalsupport for the idea.

Second site update

Metropolitan Place II (MPII) remains an unknown. The Co-op is in conversation with the Receiver, but no deal has been negotiated. Please check our website ( or the Information Station in the store for the most up-to-date information. And feel free to contact me with questions or concerns:or 251.6776 x470.

Ballot snafu

We apologize for the mistake in last month’s Board ballot. We have taken steps to ensure this does not happen again, including a review by legal counsel of any future ballot.