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Wellness changes

If you’ve been in the Wellness aisle in the past 30 days or so you’ve probably noticed our recent addition. The handsome, new, double-door cooler has been in the works for quite awhile, and we are glad to have it up and running. We relocated all the omega oil capsules and probiotics into this cooler for shopping convenience and optimizing freshness. (While encapsulated oils do not need refrigeration before they are opened and some manufacturers claim that their products never need to be refrigerated, a number of you question those claims.)

During this reset we needed to discontinue some slow-selling products. These items will still be available for purchase by our Owners by placing a special order.

This ain’t no disco...

Speaking of discontinued items—we’ve discontinued the “Discontinued Items” shelf below the homeopathics. Red-tagged items will remain in their space on the shelf until the replacement product comes in. On that shelf we’ve added a new line called Green Dog by Rainbow Light, a trusted leader in human nutrition for over 25 years. The products are:

  • Whole Dog Daily: in both powder and chews, this comprehensive formula not only contains vitamins and minerals but also probiotics, omegas and phytonutrients.

  • Healthy Motion: contains glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, ocean-sourced omega fatty acids and botanical extracts.

  • Omega 3-6-9: contains fish and flax oils.

  • We’ve also moved the pet supplements we carry from the pet food section in the grocery department to a new pet supplement shelf in the Wellness aisles.


Kathy Kemnitz has this to say about the new housewares merchandiser unit:

“By now most of you have probably seen the beautiful new kitchenwares fixture located near our dairy and bulk coffee departments. Built out of the need to replace our crumbling (and pokey) spin rack, it also consolidates the basic kitchen items you’ve come to rely on us to carry over the years. Prior to this, kitchen items were scattered around the store, generally a bit far away from each other. This made my job of maintaining products a wee bit more time consuming than necessary and often sent Owners on little scavenger hunts to find a simple tool. We have not expanded this department; we’re merely making it more accessible. Of course we like to hear your suggestions, but the section does remain small—we strive, as we always have, only to offer basic tools convenient to healthy, scratch cooking. If we do not have (or cannot get you) what you need, please visit one of our neighbors just down the street. Ace Hardware has a good selection of basic housewares and St. Vinnie’s has an ever-changing selection of antique and eclectic gadgets. Our newest neighbor, The Kitchen Gallery, has beautiful specialty items and an extensive selection of essential kitchen gear. (I just bought myself a purple colander...I couldn’t resist). The Kitchen Gallery and Ace are also locally owned.

“A portion of the products moved to the new fixture were formerly located in an area known to some as ‘Sundries’ which was between the supplements and register number 1. Honestly, I could never quite grasp what was categorized as a sundry so I finally got the crazy notion of looking up the definition of the word. Turns out, it means: articles too small or numerous to be specified; miscellaneous items. Hmm. No wonder I couldn’t get that grouping. We will still be providing an assortment of incense and smudges, candles, seasonal and gift items and Willy Street Co-op t-shirts as well as a few other miscellaneous items. We are considering a little nook of children’s items in the sundries area as well as a small grouping of meal carriers (fancy for lunch bags).

“I will keep on in my efforts to seek out products for our homes that are sustainable, local, safe, simple and fun as well as items that will continue to aid us in leading a healthy and earth-friendly existence.”