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Cheese Corner

Just when we thought we couldn’t fit another cheese in the case...we’ve gone and added nine more! We’ve been trying hard to respond to all of your wonderful suggestions; and we’ve managed to finda few more of those cheeses, and squeeze them in our case.

Carr Valley

We’ve added the Carr Valley Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar. It’s a delicious combination of flavors—a little sweetness and tartness from the cranberries and a lot of smokiness and heat from the chipotles. Absolutely phenomenal!

Local Swiss

Many of you have requested a locally made, aged Swiss cheese, so we’ve brought in a really nice, full-flavored 18-month, aged Swiss from Deppeler—the people who bring you our popular baby Swiss and smoked Swiss. This is a great one for the seasonal party cheese platters, as well as terrific melted on a grilled sandwich.

Sheep milk blue cheese

Hidden Springs Creamery’s Brenda Jensen has crafted a lovely locally made sheep milk blue cheese, which she calls Bohemian Blue. It’s rich and creamy, with a good heady blue bite. Definitely one of the best local blues we now carry.

Farmer cheese

Many customers have asked us to carry the classic fresh European-style farmer cheese, and we’ve finally come to our senses. A cheese similar in texture to ricotta, I have been assured farmer cheese is the only cheese with which one can successfully duplicate many wonderful Central and Eastern European dishes, such as pierogies, cheese dumplings, and certain exquisite cheese cakes. Lifeway Farmer Cheese should satisfy your cravings.

More feta

We’ve added four varieties of President feta to the case. These are cow milk fetas: a regular plain 8-ounce square, as well as a fat-free 8-ounce square; and two flavors of pre-crumbled feta: tomato/basil and Mediterranean herb. These are higher quality mass-produced fetas at a very reasonable price.

Keep up the suggestions

Of course, we’ll keep looking for more of your favorite cheeses—as well as places to put them on our shelves—so please let me know what you’d love to see in the cheese case.
Keep an eye out for local cheese makers sampling their fantastic cheeses when Owner Appreciation Week comes: 10/12 through 10/18!