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Cheese Department

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Local, imported, we have it.

Cheese is kind of a big deal here. Whether you're looking for a weekly staple or a special something to impress your guests, our cheese selection can meet your needs. Over 80% of our cheese sales are of local cheeses, so Wisconsin cheese lovers will find themselves awash in local choices from familiar producers like Carr Valley and Hook's to lesser known folks like Creme de la Coulee, Cesar's Cheese, and Dreamfarm. Those looking for classics from across the pond will find many of those as well - we maintain a healthy selection of imported cheeses from Spain, France, Italy, and others.

We know good cheese

We put a lot of work into knowing the cheese we sell. Are you looking for cheese made seasonally from pasture-based animals? Does your family love cheeses made from goat's or sheep's milk? Are you excited to try your first cheeses made from raw milk? Maybe you're trying to avoid cheeses that use animal-based rennet? Our cheese staff can help you with all of these considerations as well as recipe and pairing ideas! If you need a cheese cut into a size that you can't find on the shelf, our cheese staff can help you with that as well.