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Are you thinking Spring yet? Warmer weather brings images dancing in my head of picnics, weddings, graduations and birthday parties with people surrounded by good friends and good food.

New Catering Coordinator

My name is Corinna Greenwood and I am Willy Street Co-op’s new and first-ever Catering Coordinator. Since starting at the Co-op in 1997 I have been a Cashier, a Shift Supervisor, a Deli Clerk, a Point-of-Sale Coordinator, a Cheese Clerk and a Manager-on-Duty. Variety is the spice of life!

Working many years at the Co-op has broadened my knowledge and appreciation for the many opportunities that this region has to offer in the way of natural and local food. Contact me personally to assist in planning and placing your Catering orders. I will be intricately involved in every aspect of planning and producing the food for your event.

New menu offerings

One of the first things I have tackled as Catering Coordinator is to revamp our catering menu for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. With the help of Josh Perkins, our Kitchen Manager and renowned chef, I have come up with a series of new menugroupings for our tasty food.

Sake Roasted Salmon

Our famous Sake Roasted Salmon—if you haven’t had it, imagine the satisfying simplicity of salmon glazed in the slight tangy sweetness of sake melting in your mouth—paired with seasonally local Sesame Asparagus and a crispy crunchy Asian Slaw is only one of the offerings on our new menu. It is priced per person for groups of 10-plus people and with the option of including eco-friendly plates and utensils. We are here to take the hassle and work out of feeding your event so you can kick back and enjoy!

Spanikopita and lasagna

Our ever popular Spanikopita and Lasagna are still on the menu and available vegan or non-vegan. You folks just don’t get tired of those two! We have added the option to include Green Salad and Garlic Bread with the Lasagna and Lemon Rice Pilaf and Three Bean Salad with the Spanikopita as a packaged menu deal.

Spinach and Cheese Enchiladas

Another new menu addition to think about for that Spring birthday party is our Spinach and Cheese Enchiladas with Fiesta Rice and Beet Salad. It is colorful to behold and colorful on your palate as well!


And don’t forget the cake! We have many different vegan and non-vegan cakes with natural frostings to offer. Plus, we can add that extra “Happy Birthday” touch by adding personalized writing on your cake.

Eat healthy at the office

When I think about Spring and Summer...I think about picnics, Concerts on the Square, outdoor theatre and heading out to the Wisconsin River or the Baraboo Bluffs to take in the seasonal changes and sunshine. But what about all of you who are stuck in the office working on these gorgeous days? Well, you deserve a little Willy Street Co-op goodness for lunch. This is a great option to eat healthy at the office! We can deliver our standard entrée options or you can take a look at our box lunch menu to pick a great lunch combination. Homemade cookies straight from our Kitchen are included! You can even arrange to have a standing delivery to feed your office every week at lunch.

Green weddings

I can’t forget green weddings—the season of bliss is almost upon us and trying to plan a meal to feed and appease a wide range of guests is never easy. Give us a call and request a catering consultation. We can come up with a menu that is fresh, local, tastes great and will make your wedding memorable to all. We can even give you suggestions on planning a green wedding.

What makes our catering green? All fresh produce is organic and, in season, is usually local as well. Organic produce isn’t sprayed with synthetic pesticides and are often sustainably produced. All of the milk, cheese, butter and eggs that we cook with are from Wisconsin. This means less fuel to transport them to our Kitchen and less packaging involved in the process.

Extra touches

And last but not least, we have a great selection of local bakery, bagels, fresh juices, locally roasted fair-trade coffees, and platters to make any breakfast, brunch or lunch gathering a seriously good time! Yum!

Willy Street Co-op Catering is ready to team up with you to bring good, local eats to whatever occasion you have in mind. See the new menu at Customer Service or at And give me, Corinna, a call anytime at 251-6776!