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Co-op Food at the Mallards Games!

Have you ever wondered if Maynard G. Mallard would eat Mediterranean Orzo? This summer, you’ll have the chance to find out as Willy Street Co-op steps up the offerings as a food vendor at Madison Mallards home games. In 2009, we stuck our toes in the Duck Pond with just a few sandwich offerings and have been invited back to see what the ballpark fans think of things like cheesecake brownies, macaroni salad and salami-pesto savory pockets (candidly, while any of these sound great to me on a line-item basis, I can’t recommend that you chase several beers with all of them together).

In composing the Mallards menu with the help of Jerrad Radocay, assistant GM of the team, we wanted to keep things simple for staff and fans alike—a more rounded selection of foods that could comprise a full meal, replete with Willy Street Co-op’s normal organic content and made-from-scratch process. We also wanted to make the food easily portable, fast and easy to purchase and priced at or near our retail prices. How many times have you wondered what it cost to make that $8 bucket of popcorn at the movies? One newspaper story estimated the profit margin on this cinema staple at 900%. You don’t need to do the math down to the wire, though, to know that concessions often leave a bitter taste in your wallet’s mouth. Willy Street Co-op is committed to offering food of substance and quality at the same prices you’d pay outside the stadium.

This year, we plan to have Willy Street Co-op staff on hand at the concessions to answer your questions about the food, the Co-op’s Deli, the new store (!) and take your feedback on what else you’d like to see us selling at next year’s game. Maybe some mini-platters of local cheeses to take to the seats? Juice drinks fresh-squeezed? Let us know.

Mallards fans are not known for being shrinking violets in the ways of the knife and fork—some may recall the June 2008 promotion in which the first 250 fans to eat a beetle won Duck Blind tickets. We do not currently have insects on our menu, but could be persuaded otherwise if demand is there...