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Courtesy Discount Change Listening Sessions

Courtesy Discount Change - Listening Sessions

Monday, Feb. 18th and Wednesday, Feb. 27th, both at 6pm in the Community Room.
Frequently asked questions can be found here.
The Courtesy Discount Task Force, made up of Board members, staff and self-selected Co-op owners, is recommending that the courtesy discount only be extended to those living on a low income at some point in the near future. Those who have a discount because they are disabled or over 60 would be grandfathered in, but thereafter income would be the only factor considered. Currently the bylaws require a member vote to this system, but that would not be the case if the proposed bylaws changes are approved.
If you have questions or concerns, please attend a listening session, or contact Lynn Olson, Cooperative Services Manager, at (608) 251-6776 or by email.