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Food and Product Selection Philosophy

As a neighborhood based, full service grocer, we are committed to:

  • Preferring to source local, organic, natural, sustainable, humane, and fairly traded products which represent our Owners’ diverse values and contribute to healthy, just, tolerant and viable communities.
  • Providing fairly priced products to support accessibility for all in our community.
  • Fostering supportive and transparent relationships with small, local, or cooperatively-operated farms and businesses that share our commitment to operate in ethical and environmentally sustainable ways.
  • Helping Owners make informed choices about products whenever possible.

We use this philosophy in striving to meet the changing needs of our growing community.


Accessibility: The right to access fairly priced and nutritious products.
Local: Products produced in the state of Wisconsin or within 150 miles of the Capitol building. We also give preference to items of superior quality from the Midwest region that support smaller distribution chains.
Organic: Products that meet the National Organic Standards Board criteria of organic practices.
Natural: Products that are minimally processed and free of unnecessary additives.
Sustainable: Products produced and packaged in a manner that has minimal negative impact and offers nutritive benefits to the environment, community and consumers that support its production.
Humane: Products produced with consideration for kinder and more responsible animal practices.
Fair Trade: Commitment to a food system in which farmers, workers, and producers are valued and compensated fairly at each step of the supply chain.