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Food Fashion: Condiments!

Condiments like ketchup, mustard or relish can take a nearly perfect hot dog or walnut burger and make them spectacular, and the right barbeque sauce or salsa can completely transform a dish. Condiments are the accessories of food fashion that help us dress up our meals in an effort to achieve the perfect taste. And since summer is here, it seems like another great time to accessorize…our food. Here are just some of the food accessories Willy Street Co-op offers.

Must Have Mustard
Ketchup may be the most well known condiment, at least in America, but mustard is certainly close behind in the rankings, especially in Middleton at The National Mustard Museum. Our first company, Hawkind Mustard, is a family-owned company located in the Baraboo bluffs that specializes in mustard produced without herbicides or pesticides. Their slogan, “Where nature and human beings meet in passionate conversation,” accurately describes not only the ideology of their company, but their products as well. Willy Street Co-op offers three of Hawkind’s exceptionally crafted condiments. Their Clem’s Hot Pepper Mustard, described as a “passionate fusion of sweet and medium heat,” was a Gold Medal Winner at the Napa Valley International Mustard Competition. If you prefer your mustard with “a wave of heat,” Hawkind’s aptly named Heat offers a blend of three types of mustard seeds and five varieties of peppers. Hawkind also makes a hot pepper relish that’s a combinationof red peppers and sweet onions; they recommended it with eggs.

High Fashion
A little farther south, in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, is the 12-acre farm of Tomato Mountain, an organic salsa producer Willy Street Co-op is proud to offer. Tomato Mountain only produces their salsas while their produce is in season, in a kitchen that is free of exposure to many common allergens. Their salsas are also gluten-free and vegan. Five varieties are available at Willy Street Co-op including: Tomatillo, Habañero, Chipotle, Fire Roasted and Garden Tomato. And the ingredients in each of these salsas are exactly what you may expect from an organic farm. The Garden Tomato, for example, consists of: organic tomatoes, organic tomatillos, organic onions, organic chile peppers, organic garlic, kosher salt, and organic black pepper. In case you’re wondering, Tomato Mountain’s name stems from the “mountains” of tomatoes the owners once grew in the Baraboo cliffs, before purchasing their current farm in 1999.

If barbecue is more your fashion, Howling Wolf from Theresa, Wisconsin may be the perfect accessory to your backyard party. These barbecue sauces are the product of a classically trained chef with over 27 years in the culinary industry, including two years working as a chef in France. Howling Wolf sauces are free of preservatives and artificial flavorings or colorings and are also a great accompaniment to tofu in case ribs or chicken are not to your liking. Three varieties areavailable at both stores: Original, Cranberry Orange and Extra Spicy. Howling Wolf also carries the “Something Special From Wisconsin (SSFW)” label. SSFW is a program that supports local farmers and entrepreneurs in Wisconsin while providing a way to invest in our state.

Chic Ketchup
Sir Kensington’s reveres itself as The Divine Alternative. While the namesake of this company is fictitious, the caliber of the ketchup certainly isn’t. Sir Kensington’s ketchups are sweetened with brown sugar and receive their tanginess from apple cider vinegar. The original and spicy versions are available at both stores. One unique facet of this company is the complex hilarity of its website, In addition to finding clever pairing recipes for their ketchup, you’ll find the backstory of Sir Kensington. While many companies have stories to tell, this company takes storytelling to a new level, thus providing a great way to talk about their products while dressing up your favorite foods with their ketchup.

Our last company, Just Local Foods, is a network of several certified organic farms located near Viola, Wisconsin. Just Local is also Good Agricultural Products (GAP)-certified, meaning they follow agricultural practices that cultivate harmony with the land.

Since healthy soil is paramount, Just Local doesn’t use herbicides or pesticides. They also hand-inspect each item they ship out to our store. Willy Street Co-op offers two relishes from Just Local, Ripe Tomato and Zucchini. With ingredients like organic onions, peppers and organic cane juice, these relishes take their roles as food accessories as seriously as the people who make them.

In food fashion, our palettes and stomachs, and often our friends, are the judges. One way to keep them happy is by accessorizing with the numerous condiment selections available at Willy Street Co-op. Stop on in and help your food make a statement.

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