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Frequently Asked Questions about Willy North

We will add more questions and answers as we get them! To see more information about Willy North, see our main Willy North page.

Updated last on 4/6/17; originally posted on 9/16/16

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are in the former site of Pierce's NorthSide Grocery - 2817 N. Sherman Ave. Here's a map:


Q: What are store hours?
A: All Willy Street Co-op stores are open 7:30am-9:30pm seven days a week.

Q: Can I shop here?
A: Yes. Anyone can shop at the Co-op, and receive shelf prices as well as some of our sales, such as Co-op Deals and IDEALS. If you choose to become a Willy Street Co-op Owner, you will also receive Owner-only sale prices. We no longer have a 5% non-owner surcharge at any of our locations; we wanted our new store to be as welcoming as possible

Q: Do you accept food stamps/take EBT?
A: We accept cash, check, debit cards, Mastercard, Visa, FoodShare/QUEST EBT, WIC, and gift cards.

Q: Where is the ATM?
A: Our UW Credit Union ATM is scheduled to be installed on 9/14/16. It should be operational by the end of that day, and located between the food donations shelf and the doors leading to the foyer.  

Q: Will you be recycling plastic bags at this location?
A: We only offer this service at Willy West and that is because the City of Middleton does not have a plastic bag recycling program. The City of Madison allows residents to recycle plastic bags with their regular recycling at home. The City recommends that “plastic bags MUST be put inside a plastic bag. Tie the bag of bags shut and put it in your green recycling cart. It's best to use aplastic grocery/retail bag for your bags.”

Q: Is a play area going in the commons (indoor seating area)?
A: We have a shelf with some kids activities available in the Commons (seating area).

Q: Are you going to bring in a Juice/Coffee Bar, made-to-order Deli menu, and/or Community Room?

A: We did not include a juice/coffee bar, made-to-order menu, or community room in the initial opening due to cost, time, and space constraints. We will reassess if sales allow for us to do a larger remodel that includes some or all of these in years to come. Some classes will be held in-store and at the Lakeview Public Library. Please for details.  


Q: When will the outdoor seating area be ready and where will it be?

A: The outdoor seating area will extend out in a semi-circle directly in front of the entry vestibule. The exact designs are in an early draft stage, and require input from the City of Madison. Our hope is to have this ready by Spring 2017.


Q: Will there be any more handicapped/senior parking stalls?

A: It is likely that yes, we will have more handicap parking stalls. This work is related to the design effort for the seating area, as well as City of Madison input on pedestrian walkways.


Q: Can I become an Owner?
A: Anyone can become an Owner. Ownership comes with benefits, for example, you’ll receive more discounts and sales. The average Ownersaves over $20/year on Owner Rewards sales alone, and Owners that spend around $40/week at the Co-op save upwards of $80 per year. You also get 10% off wellness and bodycare items on Wellness Wednesday (the first Wednesday of each month) AND receive the sale price on the products featured as part of each week's Meat Sale Thursday. You may also sign up for the Access Discount Program, if you have a financial need​. There are other benefits to Ownership too, which you can learn about in store, or online.

Q: How do I become an Owner?
A: First, you decide if you will be an Individual Owner ($58 for one person) or Household Owner ($93 for two people living in the same house or apartment). Then, you decide if you will pay the whole price now or if you will pay each year ($10 or $15) for 7 years. After that you complete the Fair Share Contract and submit your Fair Share Contract and your payment to the Customer Service desk or online. If you qualify for financial assistance programs, you may also qualify for our Access Payment Plan; see for more information.

Q: What is the Access Discount Program?
A: Owners who have a financial need can apply for the Access Discount Program. With the Access Discount Program you can shop with a 10% discount to buy food and other products at the Co-op. You can pay the Ownership fee over a longer period of time: $4 every year for an Individual, until you pay a total of $56 OR $7 every year for a Household (two adults living in the same house or apartment), until you pay a total of $91. You can also receive one coupon for a free class every year at enrollment. To apply for the Access Discount program, you can talk with staff at the Customer Service Desk. You must show proof of income (annual income, before taxes, at or below 130% of the Federal Poverty Guideline) or registration in an assistance program: FoodShare/QUEST, Medicaid, WIC, Section 8 Housing Assistance, the Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program, SSI, SSDI, LIHEAP, or FairShare CSA Coalition Partner Shares. Staff at the Customer Service Desk are happy to answer questions about the Access Discount Program.

Q: Can I donate an Ownership?
A: You can request a gift Ownership for someone you know, but we cannot take donations for anonymous customers. Please see Customer Service if you would like to purchase a gift Ownership for a specific person or group. You can help northsiders access healthy food by sending donations for anonymous gift Ownerships to the Northside Planning Council at 1219 N. Sherman Ave., Madison WI 53704. They are working with neighborhood centers to subsidize Ownerships for qualified residents. Please contact Northside Planning Council for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (608) 230-1221.

Product/Store Departments

Q: Do you carry….?
A: If you are looking for a certain product, please ask any of our staff and we will be happy to help you. Some of the products we plan to carry have not arrived yet, and some products have been selling faster than anticipated, and so we’re working on figuring out how to keep the shelves full. If there is something special you are looking for that we had not planned to stock right away, we may be able to order it for you or add it to our shelves if it is available to us through our distributors. You may also write a product request for us at our Owner Resources Area near the Customer Service Desk, and drop it in the customer comment box.

Q: Do you have conventional produce in addition to organic produce?

A: We do! We use green signs to highlight organic produce and orange signs to highlight conventional produce. (Conventional produce usually costs less than organic produce.)


Q: Is the water at North reverse osmosis filtered (RO)?
A: The dispenser in the commons as well as the machine for filling water jugs for purchase at North are both part of the RO system we rent through Total Water treatment systems.

Do you have a question that we haven't answered? Please ask us! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ask us at Customer Service, or fill out a Customer Comment online or at our Owner Resources Area in the store.