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Fruit Juices

In June 2011 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) replaced the food pyramid with a program called MyPlate. MyPlate is designed to provide easy to access informationon all food groups: fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, dairy and oils. One aspect of the fruit group that doesn’t seem to get attention is fruit juice. According to the USDA, 100% fruit juices count towards the 1.5 cups of fruit the average person needs on a daily basis.

Meeting all of the nutritional requirements each day can be a challenge but there are many delicious 100% juices available in the Grocery department that could easily help meet this daily goal. Your daily fruit needs are important because diets that contain fruits and vegetables are likely to reduce risks of some chronic diseases. Fruits provide essential nutrients our bodies need.

Pure fresh juices can seem more expensive when compared to reconstituted juices or juices that contain less than 100% juice, but pure fresh juices are less processed and, when consumed by the serving, are a value and investment in your well-being. One 8-oz. cup of most 100% juice counts toward one of the fruit servings needed each day. While quick is not always better, pure juices are great option to meet your daily nutritional goals when a piece of fruit is out of reach.

Fruit Juices to Try
Lakewood Organic is a leader in the natural juice category because of their focus on organic fresh pressed juices. The Pure juices from Lakewood contain multiple pounds of fruit and vegetables in each bottle and are never from concentrate. The rich colors and fantastic taste are a tribute to the freshness and quality you can expect in every sip. Pure juice recommendations: Black Cherry, Carrot, Concord Grape, Cranberry, Pomegranate and Noni.

Lakewood also has a number of quality fruit juice blends made mostly with pure fresh pressed fruit with added extracts like Rose Hips and Grapeseed. Juice blend recommendations: Blueberry, Mangosteen, Tart Cherry and Pomegranate.
Eden Foods is one of the most reputable companies and has been an essential provider of superior natural foods since the late 1960s. Their best juice is the Organic Montmorency Cherry Juice, bottled fresh and never from concentrate. The cherries are grown off the northern shores of Lake Michigan. This tart cherry juice brought back memories of my Great Grandpa Hofstede’s cherry orchard in Door County because it tastes so fresh and delicious. Eden also takes their commitment to quality a step further by bottling the juice in amber glass to prevent light from reaching this wonderful juice.

Biotta Naturals is another great brand of quality juice with a focus on promoting good health. Like the best juice companies Biotta (bee-AH-tuh) believes that juice should be pressed fresh without any preservatives. The unique offerings from Biotta juice include: Powerberry, Breuss Vegetable and Beet Juice. The kids might not like them but their body will.

Superberries is a newer brand that is focused solely on Aronia berries. Aronia berries are native to the North America and are making a big comeback in the market recently. According to the USDA these little black berries, commonly referred to as chokeberries, have highest level of antioxidants amongst the fruits. Aronia berries are the newest trend in superfruit antioxidants because they do such a good job supporting the immune system. While other brands have Aronia berries in their juice blends, Superberries is a 100% Aronia berry juice concentrate which means most of the water is removed. With concentrated juices you are able to take smaller servings or dilute the juice with other liquids.

Columbia Gorge is brand of juices made from fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Unlike other brands of juices like Naked Juice and Odwalla, Columbia Gorge juice is mostly organic and family-owned. In fact, the Stewart family has been farming 180 acres since 1989 and grows over sixty varieties of fruit. If growing all their own fruit wasn’t enough, the juice is made right on the farm too. This is a quality, special brand. They have too many year-round and seasonal juices to list but I betthere is more than one you’re bound to enjoy while getting all your servings of fruit for the day. Stay posted for a demo in the Co-op real soon. You won’t want to miss it. 

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