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Give the Gift of Supplements

During the holiday season, we are all scrambling around, trying to find gifts for the people we love, and for some people we just like. I hope most of you know that the Co-op has got you covered.
At the Co-op, we have plenty of wonderful options, so you don’t have to search too far. You’ll find classic, lovely gifts such as:

  • Candles from local soy-based from Crafted in the Woods, to 100% beeswax in the shape of a pinecone made using solar power from Sunbeam.

  • Fair Trade hats, mittens, and scarves from Andes Gifts.

  • All the supplies you need to make your own body butters, room sprays, and salt scrubs.

  • Books! From vegan cookbooks for your nephew in a dubstep/punk band to DIY fermentation books for your kraut crazy sister.

  • Lovely cheese gift boxes from the cheese department with a side of Digest Gold.

  • Amazing products from Wisconsin based Trillium Organics for pregnant mamas and newborn babies.

  • 1-pound bags of organic catnip for the cat gentleman or lady in your life.

  • Kits for face care from Qet and Evan Healy. Not to mention all the fun facemasks and scrubs.

  • Locally made Wisconsin shaped cutting boards for those odd-shaped loaves of bread.

  • Reusable water bottles and stay-hot coffee containers. We’re looking into an I.V. attachment for the coffee bottles—stay tuned.

  • We have everything you would want to make your own gift box or basket—organic fresh fruits, crackers, local meats in tube shape, cheeses from all over, fresh baked goods, chocolates and caramels.

  • West carries beer and wine—which is always a good choice. We can count wine as a supplement. Right?

  • Gift cards. Who doesn’t love the gift of groceries?

But one long-forgotten aisle during this season is the supplement aisle. Supplements make wonderful gifts! Hear me out: most doctors agree that taking a good quality multivitamin is important to maintaining our health. What a great opportunity to show how much you care!

This is often an area where folks will spend a little less money for themselves. You can take this opportunity to get them a multi that they aren’t willing to spend the money on. Luckily for you, there are plenty of sales and coupons over the next month, so you should be able to find a great option without breaking your budget.

Supplements won’t just sit on the shelf like a fruitcake, nor will they be ill-fitting like a sweater with a cat in a Santa hat. With supplements, there is no risk of getting the wrong kind of iBerry, or a Kanye Beiber album when clearly Two Directions is who’s hot.

We have several kids options—from drops for really little kids, to gummies and wafers for kids (and adults…) who like to pretend it’s candy. We’ve got a few kinds of teen multivitamins that have extra nutrients for healthy skin.

For adults, there are some nice basic, one-a-day formulas that would fit everyone’s basic needs. There are also sex-specific ones that have nutrients and herbs that are more specific to the needs of men or women. These can be one-a-day or multiple-a-day. It even breaks down by age! We have several options for folks lucky enough to be above 40 years old. Within that, you can choose for everyone, men or women, one-a-day or multiple. We do a have a couple of chewable and liquid options.

Have a pregnant lady in your life?
She’s going to be taking prenatals for a long time, especially if she plans on breastfeeding—give her some high quality vitamins from Megafoods or the Full Trimester from New Chapter.

Many others
Multivitamins are just the beginning! We have a ton of other supplements, protein and greens powders. You can get a powdered meal replacer for the busiest person in your life so maybe they’ll get breakfast once in a while. Or try a chocolate flavored greens powder for someone who refuses to eat salad. We have several wellness boosters for cold and flu season—try one for the person who’s always a little peaky.

as always, Check with your doctor
Obviously, there may be some contraindicated ingredients if your receiver is taking any prescriptions, be sure to give them a gift receipt so they can exchange the supplement for one that will work. We also carry books for sale that list contraindications for most supplements and prescriptions. That would make a great gift too!

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Back by popular demand! 10% off printed matter (Books, Calendars, and Cards) and from December 4th-31st. *Does not include Magazines and Newspapers. Books are great for gifts. Get your calendar before the New Year. No excuse to not send your holiday cards!

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