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GM Report

Feeling Optimistic!
The floor contractor, Kurt Grote, and I have selected an area of the retail floor as a test site for the proposed resurfacing material that should have been installed the last week of December. The test site should be completed and getting a work out between the floor machine cleanings, pallet jack and two-wheeler use, and foot traffic we should be able to see if it will be the real deal.

Once Kurt Grote and I have determined that the Dex-o-Tex/micro-topping is the right resurfacing material, and I am really hoping it is, the retail floor will be sectioned off in manageable size chunks and the major rework will begin. The work schedule will be posted at the front of the store for your information. Remember the majority of the work will be done while the store is closed to lessen further inconvenience to you.

Opportunity Knocks
It was about a year ago that I formed an ad hoc committee to help me research options for Willy Street Grocery Co-op (WSGC) expansion. The group consists of thirteen members—a mixture of WSGC members and other retail co-op board members in Madison. The group spent several months defining “expansion” and it was agreed that WSGC could/should explore more than one option at a time. The large and small groups have reviewed a lot of material including two market studies to educate us about current site opportunities and second site potential, staff survey results, and WSGC sales reports mapped via zip code and sales volume.

The three options or paths that we came up with are physical expansion of 1221 (current site), a second store, and goods and services (s’more); subcommittees were formed to focus on each of the options. In the coming months, the group will help me in developing a business plan to support at least one option. The committee as a whole will review potentially changing the footprint of the building and/or layout and use of the retail and backroom space, second site locations and/or opportunities to partner with other retail cooperatives or like-minded businesses, and the development of goods and services not currently available at 1221, including a home delivery program and web-based shopping.

And, per the bylaws, “any decision to buy or sell the Co-op’s building or to spend over $50,000.00 on expansion (must) be approved by the membership.” You will have an opportunity to review the plan and vote whether or not to approve the expenditure of funds. We are in a great place financially to have several options to consider and plan for our future.

Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center Pie Sale
This year Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center sold 950 pies and raised over $11,000 in their annual pie sale. This is their highest profit ever. The Willy Street Co-op was proud to be the major sponsor of their sale, providing the funds to purchase all of the ingredients. Thank you so much for supporting Wil-Mar by purchasing a pie!