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Holiday Turkeys

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to talk turkeys. Having had such a good response the last two years with the selection of turkeys, we decided to use the same farmers again this year. We will have both pre-order and open stock turkeys this year. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:


Ferndale Market (Cannon Falls, MN —244 miles); Farmer: John Peterson
“Our Ferndale Market turkeys are grown on a third-generation family farm in Cannon Falls, MN. Our farm was founded in 1939 by my grandparents, Fern and Dale Peterson, so our name—Ferndale—is a way to honor their legacy. We continue to grow our turkeys free-range, moving them rotationally onto fresh grass each week during the summertime. During the spring and autumn months, our birds live in houses with large outdoor yards, to protect them from inclement weather while also offering them the ability to exhibit their naturalbehaviors in the fresh air and sunshine. We grow our turkeys without the use of any antibiotics and have USDA approval for our “raised without antibiotics” label claim, which we believe is a testament to our animal husbandry standards. Finally, all our turkeys are naturally processed, meaning they don’t contain any added water, salt, or fillers: just 100% pure turkey!” Ferndale Broad Breasted White Turkeys are raised all on one site, are free grazing and fed a corn and soybean meal.
Small (10 -14 lbs.)
Medium (14 - 18 lbs.)
Large (18 - 22 lbs.)

Black Earth Meats (Black Earth, WI —14 miles); Farmer: Dan Schmucker
Dan is an Amish farmer in Cashton, WI. Cashton is in the driftless area of Southwest Wisconsin, with some of the most beautiful farmland in the state. The Black Earth fresh organic turkeys are all raised on one site, are free-grazing and receive organic feed.
Medium (18 - 22 lbs.)
Large (22 - 24 lbs.)

OPEN STOCK (available in store starting 11/9)

Bell & Evans Natural (Frederickburg, PA—840 miles)
Bell & Evans Fresh All-Natural Turkeys are free-grazing, receive a corn and soybean meal and are all raised on one site.
Bell & Evans Organic (Frederickburg, PA—840 miles)
Bell & Evans Fresh Organic Turkeys are free-grazing, receive an organic corn and soybean meal and are all raised on one site.

Eberly Fresh Natural Capons (Stevens, PA—850 miles)
Eberly Capons are free-grazing, receive a vegetarian feed and are all raised on one site. Free-range capons are more flavorful than roasting chickens and turkey, and as easy to roast. Capons are surgically caponized, 8 to 12 lbs. mature birds prepared for market when 18-20 weeks old.

Organic Prairie Frozen Organic Turkeys (Iowa)
Organic Prairie Organic Turkeys are free-grazing plus fed organic corn, barley, oats, wheat, flax and soybean meal. GMOs are specifically prohibited. Organic Prairie is raised on farms from a co-op of farms but turkeys are primarily raised in Iowa.
Grimaud Farms Frozen Muscovy Ducks (Drakes & Hens) (Stockton, CA—2054 miles)
Birds are barn-raised without the use of steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones. Ducks grown for 70-85 days compared to 42-45 days for most Peking ducks. This allows the bird to fully mature. Feed is carefully selected for a balanced diet and for the best possible yield and flavor.

Muscovy duck originates in the warm climates of South America. It is by far the leanest domesticated duck breed. Hens are typically 4lbs and drakes are in the 6 – 8 lb. range.

Remember to preorder early if you want one of the local pastured birds from Cashton or Minnesota. These turkeys come from small farmers and their quantity is limited. Also, keep in mind that because of the nature of livestock, it’s hard for us to know exactly what sizes will be available. There are many factors that go into their growth and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests.

The last thing to remember if you’re going to preorder a bird is that it’s important to let us know which store you plan to pick up your turkey from. We’d all hate to send someone across town for their turkey.

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