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Igl Farms

Antigo, WI

"We area a family owned and operated farm located just north of Antigo, in north central Wisconsin on the outwash plain known as the Antigo Flats. Our farm has been in the family since the 1930’s when Herman Igl bought the farm and became one of the first commercial potato growers in the area. We were a dairy and potato farm until the early 1990’s when the dairy herd was sold. Today, the farm is owned by Tom and Nancy Igl. They and their son, Brian, provide most of the labor. We hire whatever scarce seasonal labor we can to help with harvest.

"We began our transition to organic farming in 1997, with the first 20 acres, and now the entire farm, about 185 tillable acres is certified organic. We grow several crops in rotation, including potatoes, oats, clover or alfalfa hay, pasture for our small herd of beef cattle and horses, and field peas for seed. Recently we have been able to sell our oats for organic food products, which we hope will continue.

"We farm biologically following the program and biological farming principles of Midwestern Bio-Ag of Blue Mounds, WI. This consists mainly of balancing the soil minerals, increasing soil biology and improving soil tilth and structure to create healthier soil, plants and food for animals and people.

"We are not a large or fancy operation, but we do the best we can to grow and sell the best quality food products we can. We face constant challenges from weather, pests, equipment problems and industrial agriculture. Although we have learned a lot since we have been farming organically, we still have a long way to go in our journey of trying to understand how this whole system works. We hope you are satisfied with the fruits of our labors, and we greatly appreciate the support you give us by purchasing our products here at Willy Street Co-op."