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It's a Jungle in Here!

You’ve probably noticed the wonderful garden starters that we’ve had on display indoors and out at both stores; but have you noticed all of the other green things all over the Co-op? 

Next time you’re in, take a few minutes and look around; we’ve got plants and flowers all over the store, and all of them are looking for homes! We always have cut flowers available: from a dozen roses from just $7.99, beautiful tulips for $5.99, to mixed bouquets from $7.99.

Potted Plants
We’ve also got potted plants of all sizes and varieties; at prices that fit everyone’s budget. Walking around today I see little Philodendrons for $2.69, a Peace Lily for $15.65, a lovely Aloe plant for $8.69, a hanging basket of ivy for only $12.99, and tons of varieties of cacti. These are just examples, we receive a new shipment in of plants all the time, so look every time you’re here.  We have them year round!

Are you nervous about adopting another plant just to have it become compost at your ill-equipped hands? Just ask a staff member to print you off a care sheet for your new friend. We also have plenty of other resources for you floraphiles—vases and pots, natural fertilizers and spray bottles.

Going to a friend’s house for dinner? Grab a bouquet and a bottle of wine! A co-worker’s birthday party? Who doesn’t love a potted cactus? Visiting Grandma? Wouldn’t a hanging plant look great in her window? Rough day at work? Treat yourself to a ficus! We’ve got a plant for every occasion.

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