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Juice Bar Favorite Recipes

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Whether you have never gotten anything at the Willy Street Co-op Juice Bar, or are in a Juice Bar rut and just need a new suggestion for a tasty treat or a nutritive boost, you may be interested in the some of the favorites of the Juice Bar staff.


  • Favorite Juice: Celery—Plain, or served in the Inner Peace, it is one of the lower sugar juices we have on the menu. With a taste on the savory side, the sweet carrots and salty celery of the Inner Peace create a broth of creamy greens offset by a nip of lemon. It is a great choice to have with a “regular” meal from the Deli hot case or grab-and-go. Like drinking a pound of salad, the Inner Peace has very little fruit, thus avoiding potential digestive issues when mixed with heavier foods. Plenty of parsley aids digestion and freshens the breath.

  • Favorite Smoothie: The Funky Monkey—Even with the JB’s loss of OatsCreme due to its discontinuation by our supplier, Pygn’s smoothie of choice remains the Funky Monkey. She likes to replace the OatsCreme with hempmilk, extra peanut butter, and an extra banana. Hemp milk is also a great replacement for OatsCreme in the Berries and Cream smoothie as well. It keeps the creaminess from the OatsCreme while lowering the calories and carbs, and offering a bit of omega-3 and -6 fats.

  • Favorite Coffee: Ethiopian from Kickapoo Coffee


  • Favorite Juice: The Green Zinger—The sweet-tart combo of apple and lemon with the warmth of ginger provides excellent cover for a shot of our locally produced wheatgrass.

  • Favorite Smoothie: Green Dream—A long time staff favorite, the Green Dream blends frozen organic mango and pineapple with our fresh organic orange juice. This tropical classic completely masks the taste of the mineral- and protein-dense spirulina, and also provides the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid. Another popular way to make it “green” is to substitute parsley for spirulina, raising its fiber, Vitamin C and iron content while balancing the orange juice’s digestive acidity. For an additional charge, one can also substitute wheatgrass for the spirulina.

  • Favorite Coffee: Kickapoo Mexican Medium Roast.


  • Favorite Juice: Celery—If there is anything I try to have on a daily basis it is this mineral-rich juice loaded with organic sodium, an electrolyte the body needs but is in desperately short supply of from non-sodium chloride sources. I like it plain just fine, but you can substitute celery for part of the apple in any Specialty Juice, e.g. Green Zinger, Sweet Greens, etc. My favorite combo is half celery, half apple, with parsley, spinach and tiny bit of ginger and lime—The Alkaline Electrolyte.

  • Favorite Coffee: Las Diosas—My first choice would be the Las Diosas light roast. Roasted down the street at Just Coffee and grown by the Foundation Entre Mujeres (La FEM), an organization in Esteli, Nicaragua, dedicated to women’s empowerment, this coffee’s politics are as tasty as the brew.

  • Favorite smoothie: The Immunity Plus—Only available on our grab-n-go juice shelf due to the number of ingredients, this green smoothie is probably the most nutrient-dense juice or smoothie we offer. Complete protein from the Goji and Chia seed, as well as Chia’s omega-3 fats, are blended with fresh OJ and bananas, antioxidant-rich blueberries and açai, and elderberry and maca root providing support for the immune and endocrine systems.

  • Kid Smoothie: Many people ask for a smoothie that goes over well with the kids. My favorite is the Evil Genius an equal part fresh organic orange juice, and hemp milk blended with strawberries, raspberries, and your choice of a teaspoon of honey, agave, or organic vanilla-flavored syrup.


  • Favorite Juice: Caribbean Queen—With orange, lemon and ginger, the Caribbean Queen is a peppy Vitamin C heavyweight whose anti-bacterial and anti-viral ginger helps makes it a solid choice for those suffering from one of Madison’s myriad colds.

  • Favorite Smoothie: Green Dream—Another vote for the Green Dream.

  • Favorite Tea: Jasmine Green Tea—The floral, antioxidant-rich, Iced Organic Fair Trade Jasmine Green Tea is from the Rishi tea company.


  • Favorite Juice: Cucumber Ocean—Cooling cucumber and celery’s hydrating sodium make the ultra-low calorie Cucumber Ocean a refreshing option for those feeling more thirsty than hungry. The iron-rich parsley provides a natural kick of immediate energy and makes it excellent choice for both summer’s heat and winter’s drying dew points.

  • Favorite Smoothie: Green Dream—Yet another vote for the Green Dream.

  • Favorite Tea: Organic Peppermint—Organic Peppermint tea from the Rishi tea company. Iced or hot peppermint soothes the nerves while stimulating circulation. An often overlooked soother of upset stomachs, research has found it to increase the flow of digestive juices while relaxing the muscles of the intestine, easing symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome.


  • Favorite Juice: Celery—Another celery juice fan! Why the focus on celery and its high levels of organic sodium? Quite simply you cannot live without sodium. Sodium chloride (salt) is the plain mineral source, essentially a rock. The human body may have a difficult time getting adequate nutrition from rocks. Plants take up these raw minerals and bind them to a protein via photosynthesis, creating “organic” sodium that has far more bio-availability than even the purest of mineral salt.

  • Favorite Smoothie: Blueberry Bunny—The Blueberry Bunny blends fresh carrot juice with frozen Organic blueberries and strawberries for a sweet yet low-sugar antioxidant-rich treat.

  • Favorite Tea: Yerba Mate—With a little more caffeine than tea and a bit less than coffee, yerba mate also contains the stimulants theobromine and theophylline in small amounts. Its slightly bitter, highly vegetal flavor is in part a result of its high concentrations of the minerals potassium, magnesium and manganese. Yerba mate has been employed successfully by many trying to kick a coffee habit.

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