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Juice Bar News

Happy January everyone!
The holiday season is over and 2004 is here! The exhilarating fresh start of a brand new year and all its promise can really inspire us to make a fresh start on ourselves. Many of us over-indulged in those delectable, irresistible seasonal treats over the holidays, and now we welcome the healthful addition of more fresh organic fruits and vegetables in our diets. And even you admirable few who managed not to over-indulge,most likely want to maintain your good nutritional habits by remembering to include those fresh organic fruits and veggies every day.

The Juice Bar is here to Help!
All of the fruits and vegetables that we use are organic. We offer freshly squeezed Valencia orange juice and sweet Texas Rio Star grapefruit juice, freshly pressed carrot juice, and freshly pressed organic wheatgrass. We feature a juice drink called the Sweet Greens, a combination of the juices of apples, kale, and parsley. In addition, you can "make your own juice" by choosing the ingredients for your own personal juice combination. These ingredients are listed on our newly designed menu boards, located by the order and pick-up area of the Juice Bar.

Delicious Smoothies
Or if you're more in the mood for a smoothie, we have lots of choices! We offer Berries and Cream: vanilla oatscream (oatscream is a vegan, dairy-free, wheat-free soft-serve product, similar in appearances to soft-serve ice cream) apple juice, raspberries, and blueberries. And the Vegan Malts: oatscream, malt powder, and your choice of organic milk (whole milk, skim milk, plain soymilk, vanilla soymilk, and rice milk). In addition, we offer Breakfast of Champions: orange juice, strawberries, bananas, and wheat germ. And the Velvet Hammer: espresso, your choice of milk, oatscream, and chocolate-covered espresso beans. Our newest smoothie is the Chocolate Covered Cherries: vanilla oatscream, cherries, chocolate syrup, and your choice of milk. If you prefer, you can also "make your own smoothie" by choosing your own favorite combination of ingredients from our menu boards.

Nutritional Additives
Be sure to keep in mind our popular nutritional additives, which you can select as ingredients in any juice drink or smoothie! Our nutritional additives are:

  1. Soy protein powder, with all the health benefits of soy.

  2. Emerald Energy, a traditionally Chinese formulated, pesticide-free food source containing spirulina, soybean grass, kelp, pectin, Klamath blue- green algae and royal jelly. It's certified kosher.

  3. St. John's Wort, a traditional herbal stress reliever.

  4. Ginseng, to improve energy and vitality.

  5. Echinacea, to stimulate the overall activity of the immune system.

  6. Wheat germ, the heart of the wheat kernel and a concentrated source of vitamin E, folic acid, phosphorus, thiamin, zinc, and magnesium.

  7. Brewer's yeast, a source of B-complex vitamins and chromium.

  8. Spirulina, a type of blue-green algae that is 70% protein, containing all nine of the essential amino acids, making it a unique vegetarian source of complete protein.

  9. Bee pollen, high in protein, and energy booster containing of all 22 amino acids.

A Work in Progress
As many of you know, over the past few months the Juice Bar has been a work in progress. We have been busy refining, improving, and streamlining ourselves in order to provide you with the best possible service and products. We take pride in our healthful and delicious selections, both the old favorites and some new combinations. So bundle up, stay warm, and see you at the Juice Bar!