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Summertime and the livin’ is easy! So you’re out, you’re playing, running around, going to festivals and having a good time. So, why do you feel run down and crabby? Well for one, what have you been eating? Brats, burgers, and lots of festival food, not to mention the wonderful beer gardens? This time of year is a great time to pick up a good habit—juicing! And, fortunately, we have a variety of great books to get you started.
You may already know that juicing is a great way to get all of your daily allowances of fruits and veggies in your diet, which might otherwise prove to be time-consuming and tedious. Juicing produce and herbs removes most of the fibers, making it easier break down and transmit healthy vitamins and minerals into your body, which gives you energy, detoxes harmful chemicals and can make you look and feel much better. It would take a long time to sit and chew a pound or so of produce to receive all of the goodness it has to offer. Juicing cuts out the middleman, so to speak, and gets the stuff straight into your system.


The first thing you’re going to want to get is a juicer. The Champion juicer is a favorite among health enthusiasts. It’s hard-working, efficient and easy to clean. We carry three different colors of Champion juicers. Yes, they are expensive, but well worth it, as they are sturdy and have a lifetime warrantee. Another option is to find a friend who was once into juicing, and is no longer doing it as often, and borrow theirs to see if it’s something you would enjoy. I go through phases with my juicer. Most of the time it ends up coming out in the summertime when the produce is fresh and local and I reserve space on my counter for my juicer, as it should remain there all summer long.

Juicing for Health

If you don’t know about juicing, but are interested, you might want to check out a book by Julie Staffords called Juicing for Health. This book introduces you to the ins and outs of juicing. It offers reasons why it is good for you, explains the benefits and details how to do it. It’s all covered in this book. For example, this book says that pear juice is a good morning tonic. It has a rich supply of easily digestible sugars that convert readily into energy. Pear juice has a mild diuretic quality that is good for such conditions as constipation, poor digestion and bladder problems. Also, the high level of organic sodium in celery makes it an excellent calming or stress-reducing juice. The farmers’ markets are going strong so it’s easy to find fresh local produce to begin a great juicing regimen.

Juice Fasting and Detox

Another book that may prove very beneficial is called Juice Fasting and Detox by Steve Meyerowitz. This book covers how to fast with juicing in mind. Many ailments and conditions can be treated and improved by juicing and fasting. You can choose to go all out, or just try short simple juicing regimens to improve your health and well being. This book is very informative about fasting and detoxing and lets you know the importance of bringing live foods into your diet to improve your health. The author guides you through the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of going through a fast. You must prepare yourself for fasting and know what to do once you come off the fast so that your body can make the transition.

The Juicing Bible

If you are interested to find out the in-depth view of what benefits you can find in any particular fruit or veggie, you might want to check out The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker and Susan Eagles. They go into great detail about what vitamins, minerals and nutrients you will find to help you decide what kind of juicing you would like to do. There are over a hundred recipes to experiment with from the plain old tasty to specific recipes to aid in the treatment of specific conditions. One recipe is called the “Summer Swizzle.” You take four apricots, washed, pitted and halved; one cup washed grapes; four peaches; and some watermelon cut into chunks; put that through the juicer, whisk and serve. Another great refreshing drink is watermelon, a half-cup of strawberries, a quarter head of fennel and the juice of one lemon.

The Joy of Juicing

Once you got the juicing thing down and you’re just looking for great recipes and fun things to do with your juicer, you might want to check out The Joy of Juicing by Gary Null Ph. D and Shelly Null. They offer fun and creative recipes to concoct soups, salads, sauces, entrées and desserts. With certain juicers, you can make delicious fresh sorbets with frozen fruit run through the juicer. My mom used to freeze bananas and blueberries and put them through the Champion juicer. It was so creamy and smooth—the best sorbet made fresh at home.

All of these books let you know the importance of getting live enzymes into your body for overall health. Enzymes are what the body uses to break food down and convert it to energy and fuel for the body. Your body does produce natural enzymes, but when it does, it has to work extra hard to break stuff down, thus impairing your immunity. When you get the live enzymes from live fruits and veggies, the body doesn’t have to work as hard.

However, if you find that you don’t have the time or are just plain not into doing it yourself, our Juice Bar offers many wonderful and tasty juices. Our workers make many of the juice combinations up and you can also make up your own. We also offer fresh bottled juices in the produce cooler so you can just grab ‘em and go. Fresh juice is a great way to help detox your body, get a quick lift, and get much needed vitamins and minerals into your body quickly to keep you healthy and moving. Check it out, your body will thank you.