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Know Your Heirloom Tomatoes

Know Your Heirloom Tomatoes | Willy Street Co-op


  • Sunny orange fruits with a very sweet, full tomato flavor
  • Meaty interior, has few seeds
  • Among the vest for flavor and texture

Red Italian Heirloom

  • Outstanding heirloom from Italy
  • Excellent, full tomato flavor
  • Ideal for slicing and canning, as there is very little waste and it is easy to peel

Crnkovic Yugoslavian

  • Pronounced sern-KO-vick
  • A delicious, full-flavor, pink beefsteak tomato
  • Great for fresh eating

Black Krim

  • Staff favorite!
  • Bold, smokyflavor, great texture, and beautiful deep red and purple coloring
  • Shorter-season tomato, will be gone soon!


  • Beautiful yellow streaked skin with red coloring in the blossom end
  • Sweet and juicy, great for slicing

Green Zebra

  • A sweet and tangy salad tomato
  • Ripe just as the green fruit develops a yellow blush, accentuating the dark-green stripes
  • Ideal for slicing wedges into a salad

Speckled Roman

  • Elongated red roma tomato with lovely yellow streaking
  • Meaty red flesh has few seeds and little juice
  • Great tomato taste
  • Ideal for processing, cooks down quickly into sauce

Aunt Ruby's

  • Ripe when light green and soft to the touch
  • Bursting with a fragrant, complex, spicy-sweetness with a touch of tang
  • Great for fresh-eating, frying or a savory tomato salad
  • Previous winner of the Heirloom Garden Show's taste test

Yellow Brandywine

  • Your classic heirloom tomato - the taste of the summer!
  • Flesh is smooth, juicy and delectable


  • Large, pink, meaty tomato with a great flavor, similar to a brandywine
  • Great for BLTs!