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Letting Go and Letting Us Cater Your Holiday Party

It’s that most wonderful time of the year when gajillions of dollars are at play in the fields of commerce, Jimmy Stewart is on the telly and the loved ones are getting in the car and coming to your house. WAIT, WHAT!? You have a half a bag of corn chips, a bag of gummy worms and a six-pack on hand, what are you supposed to feed a bunch of slavering, cranky-from-the-car-ride, potentially loving blood relations?

Obviously, they won’t object to huffing down the aforementioned items but they’ll want more. That’s where we come in. If you’re anything like me (I’m sorry), the manifold duties thrust upon you by the holiday season are enough to contend with as they are—no need to add on a day’s worth of cooking as well. Granted, my first two years out of culinary school I was famously absent from family gatherings as I insisted on taking the wheel from my mother in the kitchen, but the blush is off the rose, one reason being that my wife wasn’t amused by being left alone while I rattled about at the stove all night. Anyway, you need some food for the holidays if you’re expecting to feel like it’s a holiday for you at all. Here are some suggestions from Willy Street Co-op that can’t fail to please.

Deli Platters

These days, a lot of us don’t really have the space or the dishes to host a monumental sit-down, not to mention the fact that your holiday party might be a light affair with friends and co-workers rather than a family hoedown. If folks are circulating and noshing instead of saying grace and passing the gravy boat, Deli Platters are a great option. Custom made to fit any dietary preference and served up cold, these are the ultimate low-maintenance party food, made as always with the highest quality produce, cheese and meat and Willy’s Own dips and spreads.


A staple of all of our catering business, year-round. This word may conjure up images of tuna hot dish (and yes, Virginia, we do make that), but it really means just about anything you can bake into a dish and serve from that same dish, so lasagna, spanakopita, mac and cheese, enchilada pie, just to mention a few all-time bestsellers. The big appeal here, of course, is that the casserole has an incarnation in just about every culture in the world and everyone grew up eating one of them. Youput a casserole down in front of your guests and you’ve set the tone for a very comfy atmosphere. Besides during cold weather, that rib-stickin’ stuff is going to be at the top of the hit parade.

The lighter side

On our catering menu, you’ll find items that are also commonly featured in our cold service case in the Deli. In the scheme of the catering menu, these are intended as side dishes, but these stalwarts can also serve as a means to offer your guests something a little more substantial than finger food while getting around the space and time constraints of serving hot food. They can be dressed up into platters or you can use your own favorite serving dishes to take off the store-bought vibe. Suggestions for universal crowd-pleasers: Tabouleh, Emerald Sesame Kale, Ginger Candied Carrots, Garlic Lovers’ Pasta Salad. There are many, many more—contact us for details at 251-6776 or


Your dream menu

As is the case with our catering program in general, the website offerings are a template from which to plan but are by no means the final word. If you have a fantasy menu for your party, chances are we can interpret and execute it for you. In most cases, delivery can be arranged for both hot and cold food—although many members find pickup more convenient as it allows for more flexibility in the script of their event. The main thing to remember is that the holidays need not be a stressful experience, at least not from the standpoint of feeding your friends and family—get in touch and let us take that off your plate. Did I really say that?