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Lunching on the Patio

As we are sailing into the summer season and everyone is looking forward to really warm weather, I’m urging folks to regularly eat lunch out on the patio. As the sun rises higher in the sky, it is a pleasant sunny place in the afternoon. We plan on having a number of things going on out there during the summer including grilling out, a few appearances by some of our favorite buskers, and even ice cream cones on a hot afternoon.

At the West store we have been seeing a steady increase in our lunch crowd and the patio will be a great place to meet your neighbors. There you’ll find some fine teak planters we commissioned, and they will be holding a variety of local flowers and herbs throughout the seasons right up to next winter.

Summer says bicycle, so spin on over to shop. Did you know we participate in Bicycle Benefits? They can tell you all about it at Customer Service. There are a number of bike races coming up and we want to be there for them with nutritional bars, hydration drinks, and all kinds of other high-energy foods that fit nicely in a small fannypack. I want to remind the bicycle crowd that we have a great Juice Bar here where you can tank up with fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices made to order. If you know someone who is training for a big race, why not give them a gift card so they can stop in and select what they want?

Do you plan on going camping thissummer? This is another thing that you can line up at the Co-op. We have lots and lots of supplies ideal for backpacking into the wilderness.

Shop the bulk aisle and make that trip a lot of fun. Incidentally if you’re getting into the sun we have a very good selection of healthy products to protect your skin.

Organic Gardening
Have you started your organic garden yet? It’s not really too late yet so we can help you. We’ve been carrying some of the best heirloom seeds we can find for some time at the Eastside store and are happy to announce we have them here at the Westside. We also carry a number of really great fertilizer products, earthworm castings and potting soil.
Many staff members are avid gardeners and happy to share advice.

The Middleton community continues to let us know what they want from their Co-op and we always want that input so don’t hesitate to inquire. Customer comments are now displayed in our commons area.

Have a fun summer!