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Meet the New Customer Service Coordinator

Many of you may have noticed a new face at the helm of the Customer Service Desk. We have hired a new Customer Service Coordinator named Heidi Stanton! She is replacing our beloved Tamara Urich-Rintz and is currently receiving expert training to better help our customers with concerns and questions. Please welcome her if you see her behind the desk. To better acquaint you with Heidi and her thoughts on her new position, here is a Q &A:

What brought you to Madison?

“The cheese and The Kentucky Waterfalls! Just kidding! My boyfriend was given a job at Epic Systems in Verona.”

Why did you want to work at the Co-op?

“When I first moved to the Madison area, I met an awesome person who works here and she shared with me how great it was! (Thanks, Brandy!) She told me I should come in and shop some time, so I did. As the cashier was tendering my items, he explained to me the benefits of becoming a member. He was so engaging and friendly that I decided to do so. Great products and great service, how could I NOT want to work here and be a part of that? (Thanks, Kevin!)”

What are some of your past work experiences?

“I have 24 years of customer service experience including different levels of management. I have worked in many different areas including running a crew for an exterior painting company and managing a pub. I also taught massage therapy and acupressure and was a teaching assistant for an anatomy/cadaver lab. Before moving to Madison this past July, I spent the past several years being a Store Manager for Starbucks Coffee Company. Aaaaahhh, yes...a Jill of all trades!”

How does the Co-op compare to the other places you have worked?

“The Co-op is unique in all areas! This is definitely one of the best places I have had the opportunity to work at. I am very excited for what is in store and very proud to be a part of this great place!”

Favorite Products?

“Gorp Energy Chunks and the Ginger-Lemon Crème Cookies!”

Guilty Pleasures?


What is your customer service philosophy?

“I love people. I take pride in providing the best care and service that I can. We all can’t be 100% all of the time, whether we are an employee, a customer, or a vendor. However, this is when we strive harder and start going a little out of the way for someone. That will pull you up to 100%. I believe that consistency and compassion are key components in making things happen. No matter where I work, I want the staff/store to stand out to customers. We have to ask ourselves, ‘What can I do to enhance this customer’s experience here today?’ I do a little bit more than what is expected with several different customers each day. Remember names, acknowledge, make eye contact, smile, connect, engage in conversation, listen, offer additional assistance, etc. To me, customer service is not just my job; it is a passion of mine.”

What do you want to do to improve the service at the Co-op?

“Since I’ve started my training, I have come up with ideas or have received feedback about some little things that we can implement together. I would like to see us greet customers more frequently and use their names whenever possible. I am also working on more business-related things like training materials, etc. In the mean time, while I prepare for my new position here at the Co-op, I am setting up meetings with the different departments so I can get to know my peers and to receive suggestions and feedback as to what expectations they may have of the Customer Service department. I am getting to know the staff, getting familiar with the CS duties and am continuing to learn on a daily basis! I want to thank everyone for their patience, support, and suggestions during my transition!”

Thanks to Tamara

While we are excited to welcome a new Coordinator into the fold, we would like to thank Tamara for her nine years of hard work at the Customer Service Desk. She has seen the Co-op through many changes, served on the Board of Directors, and helped so many of us with our CS needs. She isn’t going anywhere, though! She will still be working at the retail store doing many other important tasks, so, if you see her, please make sure to say, “Hi!” Thank you, Tamara, and welcome, Heidi!