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our New Olive Bar
Our Olive Bar has arrived! It is fully stocked with 12 selections (more on that in a minute) and ready for you to come and enjoy your favorites. We’ll be doing tastings paired with wine and cheeses throughout the month of April so watch our website and other social media sources for dates and times.

In an earlier article I wrote about the olive producer we decided to go with and why. We chose Delallo because of their commitment to using select growers—many of them have smaller groves. Their olives must remain refrigerated at all times as they are fresh, not pasteurized or brined like most olives. The only brine used is a light brine after the olives have been processed and seasoned. You get a fuller, larger, more uniform olive with less sodium and a cleaner olive taste.

We have 12 wells that we fill with your favorites like kalamata, piccante olives, olive medley and feta olive salad. We’ve added several others to the new line-up such as oil-cured, blue cheese-stuffed and soon we’ll have a garlic stuffed kalamata. (We had to special order these; they should be here by the time this goes to print). It really is beautiful please be sure to stop and take a look.
Our olive bar is priced at $8.99/lb. Some customers have been mixing in our olives with their salad bar purchases (which is $7.49/lb). We encourage you to enjoy both, just please put the olives in a separate container or you will be charged the olive bar price for your salad bar purchase.

Made-to-Order Breakfast
More business at hand in the Willy West Deli. We’re offering made to order breakfast (MTO) everyday now instead of offering it on our hot bar. It’s fresh, hot and just how you like it off our grill. Our cooks have been playing around with different breakfast items on the grill and finally just said, “We can do this better,” so we are. The hours will be the same (7:30am–11:00am) and you can get everything from an omelet to a vegan breakfast biscuit, breakfast wrap, eggs and Willow Creek sausage to order, or French toast. Oatmeal will remain in its regular home everyday on the hot bar. We’ll be running breakfast specials so keep an eye out for them too.

Hot Bar changes
We’ve reconfigured our hot bar. We’ve made some major changes I think you’ll be excited about. We added flat, heated surfaces to the far end (where the plates used to be) so you can now pick up items packaged to-go for lunch or dinner. This includes: our rotisserie chickens (back on a regular basis), ribs, game hens, brisket, field roasts, and more. We’ve got all kinds of things planned for that area but as always are happy to hear from you most. Your customer comments are very valuable and if there’s something you’d like to see packaged to grab on your way home, hot and ready to go please let us know!

Lastly, we’ve moved things around, done a couple of “resets” as we call it in the retail biz. Sushi and Seafood Center’s specialty items have been relocated to our Grab-n-Go area, opening up their former home for more fresh juices from the Juice Bar as well as packaged desserts from our Production Kitchen. We will be adding new desserts to our refrigerated pastry case by the Deli. There’s been a big demand for whole cakes and “fancier” desserts so we’ve been working with the Production Kitchen and other regulars to bring you a wider variety of larger dessert items. Once again, let us know what you’d like to have in your Deli!

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