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New Juice Bar Treats

It’s going to be a good summer in the Juice Bar! We’ve added two new products to our regular lineup of fresh juices and coffee drinks, and both are proving to be dangerously delicious!

If you’ve ordered iced coffee this spring, you may have noticed that the coffee you are getting is superior to any we’ve had before. That’s because it’s “cold brew”—brewed for a longer time at room temperature rather than quickly using hot water. The coffee that results is a highly concentrated, smooth beverage that is much lower in acid than hot coffee. The plain concentrate is about twice as strong as our regular coffee, soto spare you the shakes, we dilute it with a water to make iced coffee. You can also enjoy it as an iced latte diluted with your choice of milk.

Many of our regular customers were disappointed to learn that Oatscreme, the soft-serve ice-cream alternative we carried for years, was recently discontinued by our distributor. Finally, just in time for summer, we have a replacement—a delicious one at that. We’re proud to be the first outlet in the Midwest to offer Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss by the scoop!

Though Coconut Bliss is a bit more expensive than Oatscreme, we believe the quality is worth every penny. Unlike Oatscreme, Coconut Bliss is certified organic. It’s made primarily from coconut milk sweetened with agave nectar. It’s 100% vegan, kosher, soy-free, and it’s made using fair trade ingredients. Since Coconut Bliss is such a high-quality product, we couldn’t help but switch to using organic cones (choose from a sugar cone or a traditional wafer cone). We have two flavors: “Naked” Coconut or Chocolate. Single and double scoop cones are on sale this month—you know you want one!