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New Products

Mad Urban Bees Honey
Unfiltered, unadulterated, and raw. This allergy-fighting, floral and spicy honey is made by bees right here in Madison and carries all the wonderful characteristics of the changes in season. Available in 5 oz, 10 oz or 16 oz jars. Available at East and West.

Big Flavor Foods Sweet and Salty Trail Mix
From Washburn, Wisconsin near Lake Superior: glazed cashews, hazelnuts, dark Bing cherries, craisins, golden raisins and Medjool dates covered in a tangy honey-orange and rosehip glaze with cinnamon. 9 oz. of pre-packed goodness are waiting for you in the bulk aisle. Available at West.

Willy Street Moroccan Salad
Fresh garden salad with spinach, cucumber, feta, carrot, garbanzo beans, walnuts and raisins. Available in the East and West Deli grab & go.

Willy Street Antojitos Salad
Cheddar cheese, corn, black beans and pico de gallo on a bed of fresh romaine. Available in the East and West Deli grab & go.

Willy Street Co-op Sweet Cakes and Breads
New flavors include: sweet potato bread, blueberry and strawberry, rhubarb pound cake (slices only). Available at the East and West Juice Bars.

Grateful Harvest Organic Beef Jerky
In BBQ, Teriyaki, Peppered, Sweet & Spicy and Original. Available at East and West.

Tanka Bites
Buffalo Cranberry bites, spicy pepper blend and traditional. No nitrates, no MSG, low fat, gluten-free and lactose free. 100% natural. Available at East and West.

De Nigris Balsamic Vinegar
De Nigris are the producers of a very unique organic high quality balsamic vinegar from Modena. Produced from organically cultivated, thicker grapes with a higher quality value for that sweeter balsamic vinegar flavor. Slowly aged in antique barrels from Slovenia, adding a fruity scent. All natural color with no preservatives and USDA Organic Certification. Available at Willy East.

Crio Bru Maya Blend
From Crio Bru comes the exciting new Maya blend. Maya is made from harmonizing flavors of fiery cayenne pepper with vibrant cinnamon and soothing vanilla beans. Also available from Crio Bru is the world’s first Crio Espresso. This brew is 100% premium roasted and ground cocoa beans made especially for Espresso machines. Available at Willy East.

Wellness Pure Rewards
Wellness Pure Rewards are an all-natural, moist and tender jerky treat perfect for treating or training dogs of all ages. These moist jerky bits are made with minimal ingredients, are grain free with nothing artificial, and a guarantee to be gone in one bite! Available at Willy East.

Emmi Roth Havartis
Ah, Havarti, how melty and buttery ye be! We have three new Havartis from Roth Kase in Monroe available in the Cheese Depts. East is carrying Plain Havarti, Dill Havarti, and Horseradish Chive Havarti. West is carrying Plain Havarti, Horseradish Chive Havarti, and Peppadew Havarti. Available at East and West.

Dreamfarm Roseblossom
Diana Murphy has crafted another sublime little treasure—Roseblossom! This little 3-oz button of smooth, dense chevre has been coated in vegetable ash and bloomy mold to create a cheese that melts in your mouth and is the perfect size to share with a special someone. Available at East and West.

Beemster Graskaas
We don’t usually talk about imported cheeses, but Graskaas is a Gouda made in Holland from the first spring milking. It is light and buttery, with a subtle brightness and complexity. We have a limited amount, and then it is gone until next summer, so come by and get some today! Available at East and West.

EO Everyone Soap
A three-in-one plant-based soap scented with pure essential oils. Use it as a shampoo, body wash, or bubble bath. Great for the whole family! Available at East and West in Lavender & Aloe, Coconut & Lemon, and Cedar & Citrus.

Reserveage Organics supplements
We’ve started to carry supplements from wonderful company. One of the products we’re excited about is their Resveratrol 250mg—it combines organic French red wine grapes and wild crafted Japanese Knotweed to yield a potent Trans Resveratrol formula. Come check it out! Available at West.

Urban Moonshine Organic Bitters and Tonics
Check out their new product—Energy Tonic: A combination of organic adaptogenic herbs for use as a daily tonic to increase energy levels and protect your body from the harmful effects of stress. We have it in a 2-oz bottle, and a refillable travel spray bottle. Try one today! Available at East and West.

Megafood Men’s & Women’s Over 40 One Daily
A formula for folks over 40 from the brand you trust. Certified Non-GMO, dairy-, soy-, and gluten-free, whole food multivitamin. Available at East and West.

Feel Goodz Sandals
From working directly with cooperatives in Thailand, Vietnam and Guatemala to vermicomposting projects in Raleigh, NC, Feel Goodz focuses on human empowerment. Stylish, quality sandals made with recycled materials. Available at East and West.

RSVP Stainless Steel Wine Glasses
Great for summer picnics and back yard grilling. Available at East and West.

Endurance BBQ Kabob Basket Set
Kabobs without skewers! Try it on the grill today! Available at East and West.

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