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New Products at West

Finding the right gift for the holidays can be a real challenge sometimes. It has to be unique enough that no one else ends up giving it, but still useful and conventional enough that it doesn’t come off as ill-fitting or inappropriate. Luckily, we’ve recently acquired some fantastic new housewares and gift items at Willy West to make your holiday shopping experience easier and more meaningful for everyone.

Regal Ware Cookware
One of the most exciting new additions to our lineup at Willy West is Regal Ware Worldwide cookware. Despite its name, Regal Ware Worldwide produces high quality stainless steel and aluminum cookware right here in Wisconsin. I was truly excited to find a manufacturer that continues to take pride in its American-made products and is located so close to home. Willy West will be carrying a number of their stainless steel cookware products just in time for the holidays. Their products feature high quality 18/10 stainless steel and a 25-year warranty and are dishwasher and oven safe.

Regal Ware’s two Wisconsin manufacturing facilities are locatedin West Bend and Kewaskum. The history of Regal Ware dates back 100 years to 1911, when the West Bend Company began manufacturing saucepans, a frying pan and pie pans in West Bend. The Kewaskum Aluminum Company, formed in 1919, began making aluminum cookware in Kewaskum, later changed its name to Regal Ware and acquired West Bend’s cookware line nine years ago. Both companies have a rich manufacturing history in Wisconsin.

In addition, Regal Ware has been the recipient of Orion Energy Systems Environmental Stewardship Award for installing energy-efficient lighting at one of its facilities. According to Regal Ware, “The environmental impact over the lifetime of the fixtures installed will decrease air pollution and environmental damage by 22,620 tons of carbon dioxide, 6,169 tons of carbon, 83 tons of sulfur dioxide, 193 tons of nitrous oxides, and 3 pounds of mercury. This is the equivalent of planting 5,534 acres of trees.”

If you ever visit West Bend, be sure to check out the Washington County Historical Society’s West Bend Co./Regal Ware Museum. Days of operation are Wednesday through Friday with $4 admission (free for children). Grouptours are also available.

RSVP International
For some truly unique gift ideas, look no further than RSVP International’s line of housewares products. Based in Seattle, RSVP makes a line of quality stainless housewares items, as well as quirky takes on typical kitchen gadgets.

One of my favorite gadgets for this holiday season is a pair of onion goggles. If you haven’t seen this half-aviator/half-swimmer tear-prevention eyewear yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you are like me and often find yourself crying over a cutting board full of chopped onions, these stylish specs can save your from a whole bunch of kitchen heartache. Look for them in the produce aisle at Willy West.

Another funky gift idea, the herb scissors at Willy West provide a unique way to quickly chop and dice herbs or scallions. They feature a set of five sharp stainless steel blades that let you cut fresh herbs directly into a pan or plate for quick, healthy additions to your dishes.

Some other potential gift ideas

  • For the garden enthusiast, how about RSVP’s bamboo compost bucket featuring a replaceable carbon/nylon filter (Willy East and West).

  • For the cook, how about a beautiful locally made apron from Sewing Wisconsin, or a fair trade one from Global Mamas (Willy East and West).

  • For the cocktail-drinker or seafood lover, a whimsical birdy lemon squeezer from RSVP (Willy West).

  • For the cheese partier, we have some adorable porcelain cheese buttons in the shape of cow, sheep and goat heads, great for identifying cheeses in a buffet lineup (Willy East and West).

  • For the coffee-lover, we have a great selection of new presses from Bodum, who we recently brought back into our stores (Willy East and West). Also check out the combo coffee Scoop ’n’ Clip from RSVP (Willy West).

  • `Finally, for the all-around chef, check out RSVP’s Smidgen measuring spoon set for extra small portions of spices or their convenient spice spoon set with elongated narrow spoons, perfect for fitting into spice jars (Willy West).

With our selection of housewares items, we feel confident you’ll find something unique and special at Willy Street Co-op.

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