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New Sandwiches at Willy West

At the Willy West Deli, we are starting to get that spring itch. We hear the birds singing a little louder in the mornings, the sun is coming up a little earlier every day, and it got us thinking about our own kind of spring cleaning. We thought, what a better way to welcome spring than with some great new sandwiches on our sandwich menu.

Old sandwiches here to stay
Of course, it was a hard decision to make, because some of our sandwiches are so delicious (and so popular with our Owners) that we couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to them, even for the warmer days of spring. So we decided to keep some of our most-loved sandwiches, and add some new ideas, which we hope will become some of your new favorites. For our grill options, we’ve held onto the Lamb Gyros. With such amazing house-made Gyro meat, that delicious cucumber sauce, and organic onions all on a pita, we knew had to keep that one around! Our pork or tofu Cuban made the cut, because how could we not have that pile of house-roasted meat (or your choice ofsouthern fried, marinated baked, or sesame tofu) on top of that amazing pretzel bun? Our famous Wisconsin grilled cheese, and the Willy Street Reuben also made it into our list of top hot-off-the-grill options.

And if you’re up for a cool sandwich on that warm spring day, we’ve kept some of your favorites of those around as well. We’ve kept our Bahn Mi, with the local Willow Creek paté, the tangy taste of the pickled carrot and daikon radish slaw, and chilies for a kick of spice. The Muffuletta sandwich was a southern twist that we knew we wanted to hang onto. And you can still get your staple veggie sandwiches with all the veggies you can imagine, and the Curious George PB&J which is so popular among our youngest shoppers.

New sandwiches
So, now that you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that you can still come in and grab your favorite lunch, let us tell you what is new to spice up your spring a little bit! For cold sandwiches, we still held on to our avocado BLT wrap, but you should know that we’ve added a new option to this sandwich. We will now be offering an avocado TLT wrap! This is something that they’ve been doing at Willy East for quite a while, and we decided that since it was so popular there, we might give it a try too. It still has the avocado, organic lettuce, and organic tomato in a flour tortilla, but if you’d like to have a vegan option, we will now be making tempeh bacon, right here in-house. We are also adding a hot tuna melt to our menu. You can pick your own bread, and we will have house-made tuna salad with organic tomatoes and swiss cheese. This is another sandwich that has been hugely popular at Willy East, and we couldn’t resist adding it to our options here on the west side.

Nothing says warm weather quite like a big juicy burger. You may already be familiar with our Willy Burger, made from local grass fed beef, with organic lettuce, tomato, onion, and your choice of local cheese. It truly is quite a sight to behold. And with that big, beautiful burger in mind, we added a few more burger options for you to try. We will start carrying a Bacon & Blue Burger—the same great grass-fed patty, local bacon, tangy blue cheese, organic lettuce, tomato and onion, all on our local Clasen’s bakery roll. We will also add a Patty Melt; local grass-fed beef, with organic sautéed onions, your choice of local cheeses, thousand island dressing, on your choice of any of our breads. It wouldn’t be complete without a spicy burger for the more adventurous souls. We call that our Tex Mex Burger. With that you get our local lettuce, our house-made salsa, jalapeño peppers, and spicy pepper jack cheese! It’s a burger with a southwest kick.

So, come April, there will be some old favorites to ease us into this new season, and some new adventures to keep us on our toes and freshen things up for the coming spring. We know you’re going to love our new sandwiches just as much as we do, so we can’t wait for you to stop in and make them part of your lunch routine very soon!

The Cheese Corner
We in the Cheese Department would like to take the opportunity each month to remind you about some of the many culinary treasures we have available for purchase. This month we thought we’d mention again that we carry the delicious Evalon cheeses from Katie Hedrich and the Hedrich family at LaClare Farms in Chilton, Wisconsin. Evalon won Best in Show at the World Cheese Championship in 2011, and it still qualifies as one of the finest local cheeses we offer out of our cases. Made with the freshest, highest-quality goat milk, Evalon is a wonderfully complex aged Gouda-style cheese, terrific grated into an extraordinarily elegant casserole or pasta dish, or for an unforgettable embellishment to a cheese plate. Last year we brought in two new varieties of Evalon, flavored with either cumin or fenugreek. These truly stellar additions to the LaClare Farms line give you an opportunity to savor even more unique flavors. So next time you want to indulge yourself, try a great Wisconsin original, LaClare Farms Evalon.

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