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Our Cakes

I’ve never understood the phrase “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” I mean you have the cake, what’s stopping you from eating it? The hard part would seem to be getting the cake in the first place, and honestly that’s not all that tough if you know where to look. It’s just past the conventional produce when you walk through the Co-op.

We started making our cakes a few years ago with one solitary baker working out of a tiny corner of our kitchen as a response to the loss of one of our suppliers. Little by little he built up a long list of recipes as he experimented with not only re-creating the cakes we lost but also filling a niche that no one else was doing (as far as we knew)—vegan cakes. Now, we have a staff of full-time bakers supplying not only the cakes Liam Donohue came up with all those years ago, but also a host of new ones of their own devising (along with a lengthy list of bars, cookies, pies and cheesecakes, and breads.)

All good questions

Maybe you don’t make it over by the conventional produce very often, though, and haven’t noticed our dessert case. So you ask yourself, what kind of cake is over there? Can I get a whole cake? Will you write a birthday wish for my schnauzer onit?

How many cakes do we have?

Currently we have a rotation of roughly 15-20 cakes in our bakery case ranging from homemade angel food to vegan chocolate cherry layer cake, from streusel coffee cake to a variety of pound cakes that live up to the name. My favorite is a traditional Mexican chocolate cake that combines cinnamon with the chocolate. These cakes are made with high quality organic ingredients. Generally, we slice the cakes so you can buy an individual piece. If you have a special occasion, however, you can order whole cakes.

Can you special order bakery?

To special order a cake, or any bakery for that matter, you’ll need a couple of things. First, you’ll need about 48 hours, give or take. In order to ensure that we have ingredients over at the Off-Site Kitchen, we ask that we be given a little time for the orders. The second thing you’ll need is a baker. Because our bakery isn’t on Co-op storefront premises, and because we want to make sure the person making your dessert knows exactly what you’re looking for, we want you to talk directly to one of the people that will be making it. Customer Service can easily connect you to one of the bakers over the phone if you call the Co-op, or you can email to get in touch with our Kitchen Manager Josh Perkins. You can also check out our website for more information. Go to There you’ll find a list of cakes, tortes, tarts, cookies, and muffins that you can special order. What’s more, they can add a birthday, graduation, or other message to your cake. (We do in fact have one regular that has a cake with dog biscuits made yearly.)

Have a special dietary need?

Our bakers can work with you to meet that need. Not only have they mastered the art of vegan baking, they can also work to create cakes using wheat, dairy, or egg alternatives.

So, now you know where and how to get your cake. Once you have it, go ahead and take a bite.

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