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Own It! Owner-Requested Products

I was stocking teas recently when a gentleman with a heavy British accent pointed out the Co-op’s lack of caffeinated English tea. He was right! All three of our Twinings of London teas, our only line of true English teas, were decaf. I mentioned this to our tea buyer and learned that she had also received member requests to expand our English tea selection. Well, that cinched it—I promptly contacted our vendor and ordered six more Twinings of London varieties. Not surprisingly, they have all been selling quite well.

In fact, I checked the numbers on some other products that the Grocery department has added in response to customer requests and found that, overall, these items are consistent performers for us. For instance, Fage 2% yogurt was brought in last year based on a member request and is now one of the top five sellers in its class. The success of these products just goes to show how crucial the owners are to the strength of the Co-op. On that note, I’d like to highlight some more products that the Grocery department has recently brought in to fulfill owner requests.


We seem to be having a lot of requests for English products lately. Another British invader is Devon Cream Company Luxury Clotted Cream. This condiment is found by the jams and nut butters in Aisle 3 and is traditionally spread on scones. So, when four o’clock rolls around, why not brew up a pot of Twinings Orange Pekoe and set out a plate of scones and clotted cream.


Next on our whirlwind world tour: India. Requests for organic Indian simmer sauces resulted in the addition of Seeds of Change Korma, Madras, Jalfrezi, and Tikka Masala. These sauces are great combined with your choice of protein and fresh or frozen vegetables. Just sauté some chicken or tofu in a large pan until done, then add the simmer sauce and some veggies (I like frozen peas in mine), and cook for about ten minutes. Fabulous Flats Naan Bread, another owner request, rounds out the perfect Indian meal. I smother my naan with butter and tandoori seasoning then warm it in the oven at 300 degrees for about five minutes.


We’ve also had requests for some all-American fare. Organic Prairie ground chicken, for one, was added for those of you who wanted an alternative to ground beef and turkey. Because it is made with all white meat, ground chicken is lower in cholesterol than ground turkey. It also comes fresh-frozen, which makes it great for throwing in the Igloo for your summer camping trip.


In the frozen section, we’ve added Rising Moon Organic Pizzas. They are made in Italy by the experts. They come in Four Cheese, Margherrita, Pesto & Buffalo, and Grilled Veggie. I should come clean at this point and admit that these were requested by me. I think everyone will enjoy them though.


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our vegan members. You asked for vegan marshmallows and we answered with Sweet and Sarah. These vanilla-flavored vegan marshmallows can be used in all the same ways as traditional marshmallows. They are sold in the refrigerated section near the soy yogurts.

Vegans will also appreciate the addition of dark chocolate almonds to the bulk aisle. These confections are ranked as the number one seller in their category by our vendor and are my new personal favorite. (I have sent all my pants to the tailor to be let out).


Wait a minute—simmer sauces, pizza, sticky marshmallows. Looks like there are going to be a lot of dishes to clean. That’s probably why we had so many requests for Earth Friendly Products Wave Jet rinsing agent for dishwashing machines. This spot and residue eliminator prevents minerals from depositing on your dishes during the rinse cycle. It is biodegradable and animal friendly.

Keep those requests comin’

I’ve only touched on a handful of your requests here. There are many others throughout the store, and their numbers are always growing. Please continue submitting your requests via the Customer Comment slips found at the Customer Service desk, or catch a Grocery staffer to make your request in person.