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Produce News

Healthy Choices
Welcome to all of you new members who choose to start eating better. Food is not just for celebration, as we know, it is sustenance. To look at food as fuel is empowering, and this Co-op is the best place to refuel. We offer food that not only tastes fantastic it is also at its peak for freshness, offering you the best nutrition. When you eat good food you'll feel invigorated. When you eat foods that don't combine well or are over-processed, your body will react differently. By choosing fresh organic fruits and vegetables, you are making excellent choices. The nutrition is often concentrated in the peel of apples, carrots and potatoes so we recommend not peeling. Freshness and peeling aren't the only things to consider.

Waxed Produce
At this time of year you're most likely to find waxed produce items. The most common waxes used are shellac (from insect secretions), carnuba wax (from palm trees), or petroleum based wax. The latter is made from byproducts of petroleum refinement: paraffin, mineral oil, and/or polyethylene. Some waxes also can be made from animal sources. These animal waxes are not allowed on North American produce and only beeswax is allowed on organic produce. The washing process in plants strips produce of its natural waxes. Applying new wax is expected to retain moisture, protect from bruising, inhibit mold growth, and enhance appearance. We know you like to make informed choices. We want to serve you best. We will be labeling the individual items that we know are waxed with a sign next to the product sign.

New Items
New items arriving this month are the well-loved Texas Rio Star Red Grapefruit, the tangy blood orange and the Minneola tangelo. These citrus will liven up any day in January, and their window of availability is short, so enjoy now.

A Big Change
This lovely department is experiencing a change in command this month. After nearly fifteen years as your produce manager I am looking to simply be the trainer of our new staff. We ensure you that operations will be smooth and the quality will not suffer. We are well educated on how to choose, store, prepare, eat and enjoy this food and we're committed to helping you.