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Product Requests

In the first three months of 2012 the Grocery departments at Willy East and West have received a total of 145 Customer Comments for product requests. That is over one product request per day and this doesn’t include the conversations Co-op staffers pass on from customers each week. A little over a year ago, after the opening of Willy West, Co-op Services started maintaining an internal wiki page with all of the product request info so that product managers could more efficiently review the products that have been requested. This information has been very helpful in learning what you, the Owners, want and need from your Grocery department. While it is extremely difficult to consider every request, it is important to keep this line of communication so please keep the product requests coming.

New Products
There is an ever growing number of new products in the market place these days and as a result each month the Grocery Managers or Buyers pick a couple of new products to announce in the New Products listing in the Reader. These featured products don’t account for 100% of new products added to our shelves each month but you can bet each month there will be something new and delicious that we recommend trying. Since all the new products don’t always get featured in the Reader make sure you look out for the NEW shelf tag label next to something on your list. Our goal is that you’ll find something new to reinvigorate your palate or maybe just your grocery list.

In a effort to bring you the very best selection of groceries the Grocery teams at Willy East and West are increasing efforts to improve our product offerings which means resetting or adjusting the sections of products. This ongoing challenge is to strike a balance between what Owners buy the most, products that aren’t selling and utilizing our limited space to be efficient. The plan is always to make better use of space while improving our product offerings and service levels. In the event that a group of products moves from one section of the store to another we will be postingsigns to direct you to the new location of your beloved groceries.