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Product Updates

Changes are everywhere. Here’s what’s up with new products and product lines in the Health and Wellness department.

Fungi Perfecti
Fungi Perfecti is the company founded by mycologist Paul Stamets. His name should be familiar to those of you who havebeen taking New Chapter’s mushroom blend called Host Defense, or perhaps you have read his popular book Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World. Last year, Paul Stamets left New Chapter and is now marketing all of these mushroom formulations through his company Fungi Perfecti, which has been in business since 1980. The whole supplement line is called Host Defense. Here are brief descriptions of the products we carry from the Fungi Perfecti website:

Single mushroom capsules

  • Turkey Tail: well documented in medical research, supports the immune system and has unique polysaccharides

  • Chaga: has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties

  • Lion’s Mane: my personal favorite has been the subject of recent studies on nerve regeneration, supports the brain and nervous system

  • Reishi: this well-known tonic has been called the “mushroom of immortality” for millennia

  • Maitake: supports normal cell growth and is rich in beta-D glucans

  • Cordyceps: increases oxygen uptake and enhances physical (including sexual) performance

  • Agarikon: exceedingly rare, this one is known as the “elixir of long life”

Mushroom blends

  • CordyChi: Cordyceps and Reishi combined to support energy and oxygen uptake

  • Stamets 7: Paul’s tonic blend of seven species (Royal Sun Blazei, Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Mesima) to support general immunity

  • MyCommunity: Paul’s most comprehensive immunity formula contains 17 species of mushrooms and was once called Host Defense.

Super Nutrition
The Super Nutrition line of multi-vitamins is vegetarian and hypoallergenic (no yeast, wheat, gluten, pollen, diary, corn, soy, or hidden additives). At this time we are carrying only the one-per-day multivitamins but their full potency multivitamin blends are available through special order, and if there is enough interest in these, we will certainly add them to our shelves. They are on sale this month so it’s a good time to check them out.

We have plans to bring in Carlson’s products this spring. Most of you are familiar with their popular cod liver oil but I am most excited to offer their Vitamin D drops for babies. So many new mothers come in looking for this supplement for their infants. Because the information on Vitamin D is so new, we are unsure of what dosage pediatricians might be prescribing for them. Please visit the Vitamin D Council website at to keep informed and up to date on this important nutrient.

Act by Nature
Act by Nature (all-natural hair colorants) is one of the best natural alternatives for chemically sensitive people, people with allergies, and cancer patients. We’ve been told we are the first store in Madison to carry this line.

Children’s body care
Our children’s body care section has been refreshed. I hope you’ll enjoy these new choices:

Nature’s Baby Organics
This family based company is committed to providing organic body care products. The Ah-Choo Chest Rub, Baby Oil and Soothing Stick are “USDA certified organic” and the Conditioner/Detangler, Moisturizer, Diaper Cream, and Calming Spray contain atleast 70% organic ingredients.

We had discontinued three Aubrey products several years ago because the feedback that I heard was they were too expensive. We’ve brought the trio back: Baby Bath Soap, Shampoo and Lotion and will offer them at a lower price than the suggested retail price. Aubrey has been a trusted company since 1967. There are no harsh chemicals, parabens or mineral oil in these products and they are also a “cruelty-free” company.

Logona baby products have been formulated to protect and care for baby’s delicate skin for over 25 years using carefully selected ingredients. We have all of their products for babies and the bubble bath and shampoo/shower gel for kids. We will be adding more Logona products in other body care categories since every Logona product complies with the stringent BDIH (a federation of German manufacturers that has created the “Certified Natural Cosmetics” Seal) ingredient criteria as a certified natural product, and carries the BDIH Seal of Approval.

OCA Boycott
You might be unaware of the boycott that has been called by the Organic Consumers’ Association last fall. The complaint is that there are products made by well-known leaders in the natural products industry that are using the word “organic” when there is very little in the product or product line that is actually organic. We’ve copied some of the information from the OCA’s website including the list of brands/products that are of concern. Yes, we have many of these products on our shelves and some of them are popular. For more information please stop by the Wellness desk and take a look at the binder that we’ve put together to help educate our members.

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