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Save at the Co-op

Buy in Bulk

Need a tablespoon of cinnamon, a cup of flour or five pounds of rice? You can buy as much or as little as you want in the bulk aisle. We have over 500 products available in bulk!

Just Half?

Some produce sold by the pound can be purchased in a smaller quantity. Take just one stalk of celery or one bunch of grapes. A produce staff member can cut a head of cabbage or cauliflower in half for you.

Discount Produce Bins

Check the discount bins in the Produce department, where ripe, ready and blemished fruit and vegetables are sold at a bargain.

Double Dollars

Starting October 22nd, we’ll be issuing Double Dollars vouchers for every $5 spent using EBT on Tuesdays, up to $20 maximum. Each voucher is good for up to $5 off a purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables. See more details on our Double Dollars page.

Shop in Season

Produce is less expensive when it’s in season - and it tastes better, too!


Watch for coupons displayed by products throughout the store!

Co+op Deals

Sales for all customers (not just Co-op Owners) that change every 2-3 weeks.

Co+op Basics

Often the best values in the store - natural and organic products at great prices.

Money-Saving Owner Benefits 

Owner Rewards Sales

The average Owner saves over $20/year on Owner Rewards sales alone. If you spend an average of $40/week at the Co-op, you’ll annually save $80 or more on Owner Rewards. Our best deals on produce. The flyer is posted weekly on our Owner Rewards promotions page. You can also sign up there to receive the flyer in your email inbox each Monday morning.

Meat Sale Thursday

Great sales in our Meat department that vary from week to week. Check our Owner Rewards flyer for what that week’s sale will be.

Wellness Wednesday

Save 10% on Health & Wellness products on the first Wednesday of every month.

Fish Sale Friday (Willy North only).

Extra sales in our Seafood department that vary from week to week. Check our Willy North-only Owner Rewards flyer for what that week’s sale will be.

Access Discount

Owners who have a financial need can apply for the Access Discount Program. With the Access Discount Program you can shop with a 10% discount. See more information here

Case Pre-Order Discount

We offer Owners 10% off when you order a case of almost any product. Stop by the Customer Service desk to place your order. (Organic Valley milk, Organic Valley butter, beer, wine, cider and liquor not eligible for the case discount.)

Class Discounts

Some of our classes are free; those that charge a fee are less expensive for Co-op Owners. See the list of upcoming classes here.

Online Shopping Discount

Owners pay a lower delivery or pick-up fee when they use our online shopping service. See for details.