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Seasonal Pies

It’s Thanksgiving. You’ve got guests in the house, a turkey in the oven, mashed potatoes on the stove, cranberries waiting to be made into sauce, and a million other little details to remember. Though some of us enjoy taking the time to do holiday baking, for others its just added stress on an already full day.

Though Thanksgiving can be a source of stress, it’s also a day to give thanks and celebrate the good food that we’re blessed to have in such abundance. Buying a pie or other holiday bakery items shouldn’t necessitate giving up on quality. Neither should you have to spend a fortune on baked goods with decent ingredients.

A plethora of pies
Luckily this year you don’t have to scrimp on quality or spend an arm and a leg. We’ve got a plethora of pies and other tasty holiday baked treats from the WillyStreet Co-op Bakery that are both affordable and chock full of organic and local ingredients.

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a pie to finish it off. We’ll have all the traditional favorites: apple, pumpkin, vegan pumpkin, sweet potato, vegan sweet potato and pecan. There will be plenty, and they’ll be available at our Juice Bar through Thanksgiving Day. The apples are organic, as are the flour, sugar, spices, and eggs. The dairy is from Wisconsin (of course)! These pies are made right here at Willy Street Co-op by our head baker Andy Giamber and his team of talented staff. These folks know their pies—I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Pie crusts for sale
Often I find that making the pie itself at home is no sweat—it’s the crust that trips me up. For people like me, we’re happy to offer Willy Street Co-op pie crusts for sale in our frozen aisle. These pie crusts give you the best of both worlds: homemade pie flavor and aroma and a no fuss crust. Just add your favorite filling, bake it, and you’re done!

Rolls and cookies
In addition to pies and our usual array of other tasty bakery treats, this year we’ll be offering other Thanksgiving staples like homemade dinner rolls and holiday themed cookies.

The best part? After you’ve gorged yourself on all this holiday bakery, it’s just a short jaunt back to the Juice Bar where you can enjoy a healthy and cleansing juice or smoothie. We’ll see you on the 27th!