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Soy Scorecard

We were pleased in late May to receive the much-anticipated Cornucopia Institute Soy Scorecard. The Cooperative is already featuring several of the products and brands which received complimentary ratings. We are also offering some of the lowest-rated products. Our thanks go to Cornucopia for providing more information for our owners to use in determining their food choices. As with any product in our Cooperative, we are again reminding Owners that the Cooperative is here to be of service to them and provide only those products they continue to purchase. If, after continuing to publish and promote this new information, we find our Owners are continuing to buy some or all of those products with low ratings, we will assume that there are other characteristics about those products that are still appealing and keep them on our shelves. As with all aspects of the Co-op, the decision is ultimately in the hands of our Owners.