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Summer Picnics

Picture a big blanket, a few glasses of lemonade, some macaroni salad, and it all brings to mind one of everyone’s favorite summer activities—picnics! Even if you get invaded by a few ants, eating outside under the warm summer sun is a favorite activity when the weather turns warm and the days get long. It’s been a long cold winter at the Willy West Deli, and we are ready to leave our comfort foods behind for the season and get some fresh stuff that we can easily take outside and share with our friends and family.

Side dishes
Last month we told you about our awesome new sandwich menu, so if you don’t feel like firing up the grill, keep in mind that you can stop in and get one of our amazing new burgers, without the hassle. (Available at Willy West only.) But humans cannot live on burgers alone, so what do you have with one of those juicy delicious burgers? You could add one of our infamous potato salads to your menu. Our Granny’s Potato Salad, a creamy home-style, mayonnaise-based potato salad with hard boiled eggs, and red onions is the perfect picnic companion. For a vegan option you could check out our Chipotle Potato Salad. With red potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions, it’s everything you’d want in a potato salad, with a kick of cilantro and chipotle peppers for the adventurous souls. Another traditional picnic side is coleslaw, and we have some great ones to choose from! Our Arkanslaw is a delicious blend of red cabbage, carrots, and onions in a tangy sour cream-based dressing. Add an Asian flair to your picnic with our Sumi salad, a green cabbage slaw seasoned with scallions, brown rice vinegar, and almonds to add a crunch!

If you choose to go the non-traditional route with your picnic sides, there are countless other salads that you can pick from in our service case and salad bar as well. Our Classic Tabouleh is always an Owner favorite in the summer. It has bulgar, tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, fresh scallions, and fresh parsley. Or choose our new Asparagus and Snap Pea Salad for a spring fling. Fresh asparagus paired with green peas and seasoned with fresh lemon zest and white wine. Whether you choose to get something from our salad bar or out of our service case, you can take as much or as little as you need to feed just yourself, or your whole family.

Also don’t forget to check out our grab-and-go and get one of our pre-packaged salads. We have lots of options. So if you prefer a lighter choice like our spinach salad, with eggs, onions, carrots, and mushrooms, or if you choose to go with something a little more indulgent, we have lots of choices for you. They are quick to pick up, and you get your choice of dressing on the side from our variety of organic Chelten House dressings. It’s not just salads we have on our grab-and-go either. Pick up some tuna or chicken salad for a cool refreshing sandwich. And if you don’t have time to make a sandwich, don’t worry, we have those too. That way, no matter where you are, work or play, we make it easy and quick for you to have your own little picnic.

If you’re just looking to have a few snacks for your friends while you enjoy the warmth of the summer sun, we have some great options for you there as well. New to our Deli, you should try our Spotted Cow dip. It combines the great taste of local New Glarus Spotted Cow beer with cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and scallions. One of our other Deli favorites has become the Spicy Blue Cheese Pub dip. Cream cheese, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, and justthe right touch of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, pair it with a package of Potter’s Crackers, and it’s a snack that we promise no one will be able step away from. You could also go with one of our many varieties of hummus for a vegan treat that even your meat-loving friends and family will enjoy. Our Roasted Red Pepper Hummus gives it a bit of a kick.

So no matter how big or small your picnic, we try to make it easy for you to stop in and get everything you need, It doesn’t matter if it’s just you outside the office trying to catch up on vitamin D, or if you have the whole family over trying to catch up on everything else, we’ve got just what you want and they crave. So go ahead, eat outside. Summer is always fleeting, so soak it up while you can!

[Editor’s Note: Last month’s Deli News column “New Sandwiches at Willy West” was written by Renée Strobel.]

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