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Here at the Willy Street Co-op Juice Bar we have many delicious and nutritious beverages. Fresh juices and smoothies are an excellent way to boost one’s health. Wheatgrass juice is one of our many super-fresh, healthy offerings.

Wheatgrass is simply the young wheat plant. It contains a myriad of live enzymes and nutrients which provide innumerable health benefits. The Juice Bar proudly serves wheatgrass grown by Super Charge! Foods, which utilizes many methods to maximize the health and nutrition of the grass, and in turn, the health and nutrition of the consumer.

Wheatgrass can be used in many ways. Some animals, such as cats, enjoy the wheatgrass plant (while wheatgrass and catgrass look similar, they aren’t quite the same). For human consumption, wheatgrass must be juiced because grass cannot be digested. Juicing the grass produces a very nutritionally dense green drink. It is very sweet but also bitter and green-tasting. Here at the Juice Bar, we sell both one-ounce shots and flats (trays) of wheatgrass.

The flats produce approximately 9 to 15 shots, but one must have a wheatgrass juicer or a juicer that is capable of juicing greens extremely well to juice a flat at home. If you purchase a flat of wheatgrass to juice or give to your pet, make sure to water it and store in a cool place. It is best to juice wheatgrass immediately after it has been cut from the soil to take advantage of all the living enzymes.

Likewise, it is ideal to drink the wheatgrass juice immediately after it has been juiced. After it has been juiced, it begins to oxidize and its nutritional value starts to decrease. This is because many of the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass come from living enzymes. Ann Wigmore, author of The Wheatgrass Book stresses the importance of living food to one’s health and vitality. She reasons, in order to get life from food, one must eat living food. In addition to being a nutrient-rich, live food, wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, which has a molecular structure that helps purify our blood. Wheatgrass is beneficial in many ways and there are a few tips to get the most out of each shot.

First, it is also best to consume wheatgrass on an empty stomach. This allows for faster absorption. Also, swishing the juice around in your mouth increases absorption through the gums.

There is no limit to the amount of wheatgrass one can consume, but if it is one’s first time trying wheatgrass juice, it is a good idea to start with a one-ounce serving. Because it is so nutritionally dense, it can cause some slight nausea. Some regular customers cut their wheatgrass with a bit of ginger, which helps digestion and adds a nice kick! If you are juicing at home, our friends and suppliers at Super Charge! recommend mixing an ounce of coconut milk in with each ounce of wheatgrass for a great pick-me-up.    

Wheatgrass has been said to help detox the body, purify the blood, fight illness, and improve overall health and wellness. So stop on by the Juice Bar and get your green juice today!

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