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Willy East Remodel Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted 3/17/14

What will the bathrooms be like after the remodel?
There will be three bathrooms in the commons and two bathrooms for staff. All of the bathrooms after the remodel will be private, separate rooms, gender neutral, have low-flow dual-flush toilets,and will not include urinals.

Posted 3/10/14

Have all contractors been union workers?
When we have had the choice between union and non-union, we've always chosen union; there have been a few times when a non-union option wasn't available (a material supplier, for example).

Posted 3/3/14

What's going on in the partitioned area in the center of the store?
We are working on energy-efficient lighting, the floor, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, and painting the ceiling.

How long will the center store work last?
We will be working on the center of the store through early May, possibly longer.

When will the Seafood Center reopen?
We plan to reopen the Seafood Center by the end of March. They have temporarily reduced hours and have fresh offerings available by pre-order. Call 608-294-0116 or see Seafood Center staff member to pre-order. Temporary hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday: 10am–2pm; Friday & Saturday: 10am–5pm.

Posted 1/6/14

Will organizations be allowed to table outside during the remodel?
Tabling events will be allowed on a case-by-case basis outside the foyer on the weekends during regular business hours and weekdays after 3:00pm only. Space/location may vary, please check in with the Customer Service desk ahead of your tabling reservation. To make a reservation, please contact Liz Hawley, Co-op Services Assistant, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information about tabling, visit

Will you be using concrete for the new courtyard area? I use a wheelchair and it can be difficult to navigate other surfaces.
We will be using poured concrete for all walkways and we plan to use concrete for the seating area as well.

Posted 12/16/13

Why is the Co-op doing construction work in the winter?
This is a 10-month project and no matter when we started it, some portion of it would take place in the winter months while there was snow on the ground.

Posted 11/01/13

What is the expected duration of the project?
We plan to start the remodel on Nov. 11, 2013 and complete it by August, 2014.

Will the store close for the project?
Much of the remodel is planned around keeping as much of the store open for as often as possible. But we do expect that there will be a few brief periods of time when we will have to close Willy East. We will communicate about these times on the remodel update sign near the entrance; on our website; and via social media.

Where will we be notified about changes to store services?
We will communicate about changes to store services on the remodel update sign near the entrance; on our website; and via social media.

When will the receivingdock be affected?
Late in the project. We don't have a target date yet for when dock work is planned to begin, but we'll share when we do.

How will customers be affected during their holiday shopping?
The front entrance will be under construction but the retail floor will remain unaffected.

What are the major improvements being made during the remodel?
See our plans for the highlights:

How will bike parking be affected?
Racks on Willy St. side and in back will remain during the first phases of construction; additional bike parking is being added to the back of the building where possible.

Is there anything that I won't be able to get in the first few months of the project (Nov.-Jan.)?
We will not have bags of ice, but Star Liquor does.