General Manager's Report
Business Matters

Heart (healthy) month
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Owners for their continual show of love and admiration; these nice words regularly come in the form of Customer Comments and face-to-face conversations. It is still heart-warming to hear how much our Owners appreciate their Co-op and all that we do. Happy Valentine’s Day to all 27,872 of you.

How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions?
If your resolution was to just eat healthier, don’t forget we have individual nutrition consultations available for $15 for Owners with Katy Wallace ND; call and schedule your appointment if this is something you are interested in, or just ask us and we are happy to share whatever information we have to help you keep your resolution.

Community Reinvestment Fund (abandoned owner equity)
The deadline for applications is February 29th. Applications can be downloaded from our website: If you are not familiar with this program, since 1992, the primary focus of this fund is on providing grants to local, non-profit groups with limited access to funding. In 2011, the committee received 43 applications and made 17 awards totaling $20,000. Announcements for this year’s awards will be made in early May.

Do you wanna CHIP?
In 2011 you CHIPped $190,452, from our two retails, roughly doubling the total from one retail in the previous year.

Still in the wings for this fiscal year is the conversation about East remodel, East bulk aisle Phase II installation, West olive bar installation, and implementation of Food Trak software. The improvements offered by Food Trak include the ability to better manage inventory, recipe costing and adjusting quantities, and provide nutritional information for the Co-op’s food production. By far, the conversation about East and its next chapter is in the forefront of our work to be planned still in this fiscal year. Any actual work on a remodel may not begin until calendar 2013. We will keep you posted. As always, I welcome any input you would like to contribute in advance, you can reach me at 251-0884 x470 or email: .

Budget planning FY13
Even before we end the third quarter of the fiscal year, we need to begin budget planning for the next fiscal year—work will be tackled in the coming months soliciting input from department heads, finance committee members, and the Board to draft FY13 operations and capital budgets.

Lunch Buzz
It’s free and open to all Owners. We have begun to schedule monthly lunch time sessions at each store where we will discuss buzz words used in the natural foods sector. February’s subject will feature standards around the words “organic” and “natural” found on product labels. Bring your lunch and join in what could be a lively conversation.

Dates to remember
Closing early for our Annual Staff Party March 11th: Please note both stores—Willy East and Willy West—will close at 7:30 pm on Sunday, March 11, 2012 to allow staff to attend our annual celebration.

As you may have noticed, we haven’t announced anything about the Jenifer St. driveway yet; we are still investigating options and hope to report soon.

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