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We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!
Write Us!
We welcome your comments and give each one attention and serious consideration. Send them to or fill out a Customer Comment form in the Owner Resources area. Each month a small selection is printed in the Reader. The rest can be found in the commons or in the binder near Customer Service. Thank you!

Misty veggies
Q: I love having the leafy veggies misted and have a simple solution to one of your customer’s comments regarding “wet vegetables.” When I bring my fresh, wet, leafy vegetables home, I give them a quick rinse with cold tap water, gently shake them to remove excess water, and wrap the damp vegetables in a paper towel or towels, put the wrapped veggies in a plastic bag, seal tightly, and refrigerate, usually in the vegetable bin. The vegetables remain fresh and crisp for about a week or more. I use this same method with celery and cabbage. I’ve also used aluminum foil when I had no plastic bags. You’ll especially enjoy their crispness in the summer time when fresh veggies tend to lose their crispness more quickly.

A: What a great way to keep your veggies crisp! Thanks so much for sharing your technique! -Megan Minnick, Produce Manager–West

Oatmeal toppings
Q: I have your oatmeal from the hot bar several times a week. You might consider adding the option of some chopped pecans or almonds as toppers. Perhaps raisins or cranberries? Adding nuts/seeds makes a “complete protein”—helping us hold off hunger until lunch. LOVE THIS COOP! Great employees!

A: Thanks for writing. Wonderful to hear that you love our Co-op and its employees. I completely understand your want of a complete protein. We do offer raisins and student trail mix along with pumpkin seeds on our salad bar. All three are wonderful to sprinkle over your oatmeal. –Bill Pohlman, Deli Manager–West

Gluten-free selections
Q: I’m now gluten- and sugar-free, so it is wonderful to have both BBQ chicken and roasted chicken since other selections have gluten I was able to choose the roasted chicken (no sugars) and your always delicious mashed potatoes! Yeah! P.S. I love your fresh juices especially Green C and Applejack.

A: Thanks for writing. It’s wonderful to hear you enjoy so many of our deli products. As you noticed, we do always have one of those two chicken options but rarely both on our hot bar. Both have become popular so we won’t shy away from offering both on some days. I would also like to point out that many of our pasta dishes on the hot bar contain gluten-free pasta from RP’s Pasta. Simply read the ingredients label for wheat, barley or rye, which will be in all capital letters. We also use oats instead of breadcrumbs in our meatloaf. –Bill Pohlman, Deli Manager–West

Sugar & Salt
Q: Why do you have or think you have to have salt and sugar in your hot sauce that I saw today displayed? Both of these ingredients are bad for our health.

A: Thanks for writing! Sriracha sauce contains both sugar and salt. I agree that these ingredients are not necessary in this product. We also have Frank’s Hot Sauce on our salad bar and this one also contains salt but no sugar. Both of these sauces are extremely popular and are requested constantly. Neither product is made in-house so we have no say in the ingredients. We continue to offer them because of the high demand for them. –Bill Pohlman, Deli Manager–West

Salt outside
Q: I have been saddened to find so much salt on dry, clear surfaces on the Co-op’s grounds and on some sidewalk on my way here. Sad because 1. This is FRESH WATER land. 2. Nothing stops (salt/sodium) from filtering into our groundwater. Please use less salt more judiciously.

A: I completely agree with your concern. I have tried repeatedly to get our snow removal contractor to ease up on the salt application to our walks and lot. I have contacted the crew foreman again and told him this has to stop. He assured me that the crew has been told many times to take it easy on the salt. He is getting to the bottom of the communications breakdown and said it will be taken care of. –Jim Jirous, Maintenance Manager–East

Vegan chapstick
Q: I would like to request more varieties of vegan chapstick please. You have 2 varieties now, one of them is $10! And the other is too runny and gross! If you could please get “Merry Hempsters” and/or some other vegan options, I would be very grateful! Thank you!

A: Done. We’ve had Merry Hempsters in the works for a tad and is now on the shelf. Thanks for writing. –Kathy Kemnitz, Wellness Manager–East

Q: Would it be possible to have a compost bucket in the lunch area? I sometimes cut oranges or other fruit or vegetables, and I would rather not dispose of it in the trash. But also don’t want to miff the dishwasher. So where is the proper place to dispose of plant refuge? And is it possible to put out a compost bin of some sort—other places do. Thanks.

A; Unfortunately, the answer to your question is no at this time. We’ve tried composting on-site, which did not work out. Ever since we learned that we’ve been looking for a sustainable solution for our green waste. Currently our waste remove company does not offer a digester service for green waste, but we continue to express interest in this type of service. Seasonally we are able to divert some of our green material to local farmers, livestock farmers and Co-op Owners’ chickens. –Jim Jirous, Maintenance Manager–East

Grasshopper brownies
Q: O.M.G.! Please, please, please remove the spirulina from the grasshopper bar frosting! It’s not necessary! It’s tainting your most decadent baked good! Please! We loved them as they were!

A: Thank you for your comment. We have always added a very small amount of spirulina to the frosting to give it a green color without having to use artificial coloring. If you’d like to special order them without it, we’d be happy to make them for you. -Andy Giamber, Bakery Manager

Sharpie fumes
Q: It would be great if you could have the coffee bar write product codes on the sides of the cup—as it is done now on the top of the lid, I smell the Sharpie fumes with every sip—ruins my hot cocoa!

A; I understand your concern and have passed this information on to my team. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. –Gina Jimenez-Lalor, Deli Manager–East

Delicious food
Q: Fish was excellent. Glazed carrots were fantastic. Feel really blessed to be a member of this co-op.

A: Thanks so much for writing! We appreciate that you took the time to write some positive feedback. I’m not sure if you had our baked cod out of our service case or our Friday fish fry on the hot bar, but both are amazing. I am happy you are so satisfied with the Co-op and what we have to offer our Owners and the community-at-large. –Bill Pohlman, Deli Manager–West

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