Blueberry Crisps

Serving size:
 4 Servings


    • 14 T
    • sugar (divided)
    • 6 T
    • flour
    • 1⁄4 c
    • rolled oats
    • 1⁄4 c
    • light brown sugar
    • 1⁄4 c
    • walnuts (chopped)
    • 1 t
    • lemon zest
    • 2 t
    • lemon juice
    • 3⁄4 t
    • vanilla extract (divided)
    • 1⁄2 t
    • salt
    • 1⁄4 t
    • cinnamon (ground)
    • 4 T
    • butter (unsalted, softened)
    • 2 T
    • cornstarch
    • 2 t
    • brandy
    • creme fraiche (optional)
1 hour
Ready in
1 hour


These delicious little blueberry pots topped with a yummy crumble are so easy to make! Serve with creme fraiche or vanilla ice cream.

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Preheat oven to 350˚F. Place four 6-oz. ceramic ramekins on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

In a medium mixing bowl, mix together 6 tbsp. of the sugar, the flour, oats, brown sugar, walnuts, lemon zest, 1/4 tsp of the vanilla extract, and the cinnamon. Use your fingers to work the butter into the flour and sugar mixture until crumbly. Place the crumble topping in the freezer to chill for 30 minuntes.

In a large bowl, combine the remaining 8 tbsp of sugar with the salt, lemon juice, and the last 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract. Stir in the blueberries, cornstarch, and brandy. Divide the berry mixture between the ramekins, then top each ramekin with the crumble topping. Bake until the topping is browned and the berries are bubbling, about 35-40 minutes. Serve with creme fraiche or a scoop of vanilla ice cream if you'd like.


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