Celeriac and Pear Soup

Serving size:
 4 Servings


    • 1 T
    • oil
    • 1
    • onion, finely chopped
    • 2 clv
    • garlic
    • 1
    • medium celeriac, peeled and chopped
    • 1⁄2 c
    • pear juice
    • 1 c
    • stock
    • 1
    • large potato, peeled and chopped
    • salt and fresh ground pepper
1 hour
Ready in
1 hour


A pureed soup that is hearty, though not too heavy. The delicate flavors of celeriac and pear harmonize with one another, while garnering support from potato, onion, and garlic. A gratifying meal, especially when sopped up with thick slices of crusty bread and served with a side of tossed mixed greens or spinach salad.

Adapted from www.vegsoc.com


In a heavy saucepan, heat oil and sweat salted onions for about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and bay leaves and continue simmering on low heat for about 10 minutes. Add the celeriac, potato, the juice and stock. Raise the heat to bring to a low boil. Turn down and simmer for approximately another 30 minutes or until the celeriac and potato are tender. Remove bay leaves and puree the soup. Season with salt & pepper the taste. Serve piping hot.


An easy way to handle celeriac is to cut off its top and bottom to create two parallel flat surfaces. Rest celeriac on its flat bottom, and remove exterior in wide slices using a large, sharp knife. The exposed top will allow you to gauge how deeply into the celeriac you must cut in order to remove the all of the gnarly exterior while creating minimal waste. Once peeled, celeriac will resemble a pared potato. If not used immediately, celeriac will brown not unlike an apple, and its texture will become dry and spongy.


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