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Banana Nut Bread

This banana bread is more a bread than a cake, and is just barely sweet. You can increase the sugar to 1 cup (or even 1 1/4 cup for a very sweet, dessert banana bread). Use very very ripe bananas.





  • 1/2 c almond milk
  • 1 1/2 t apple cider vinegar
  • 4 bananas
  • 3/4 c sugar
  • 3/4 c coconut oil
  • 1 T vanilla extract
  • ds cinnamon
  • 1 t salt
  • 1 t baking soda
  • 3 c white whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 c walnuts

Banana Nut Bread Directions

  1. Preheat oven to 350℉. Lightly grease a 1 1/2 pound loaf pan, and set aside.
  2. Whisk together the almond milk and apple cider vinegar in a small bowl and set aside. In a large mixing bowl, use an immersion blender to blend the bananas until smooth. Stir in the sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract, cinnamon, salt, and baking soda. Stir in half of the flour. Whisk in the almond milk and vinegar mixture, then use a rubber spatula to fold in the remaining flour and the chopped walnuts. Stir just until combined, but be careful not to overmix. Pour the batter into the prepared pan. Bake for 50-55 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean. Allow to cool for 10 minutes in the pan. Invert onto a wire rack and allow to cool completely, then enjoy!
  3. This bread will keep, loosely covered at room temperature, for up to three days.

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