Strawberry Shrub

Serving size:
 22 Ounces


    • 1 c
    • sugar
    • 1 c
    • vinegar (red wine or apple cider)
6 hours
Ready in
6 hours


A shrub is an old-fashioned vinegar syrup that dates from Colonial times, and is added to sparkling or still water for a refreshing drink. Ideally it is both tart and sweet, perfect for quenching your thirst and whetting your appetite. 

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Place the strawberries in a large bowl, and use a potato masher or the back of a wooden spoon to mash the berries. Mash until juices begin to be released. Fold in the sugar, and stir until mostly dissolved. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Set a fine-mesh strainer over a clean, wide-mouth jar, and strain the strawberry mixture through the sieve. Press lightly on the fruit to ensure all the juice is extracted. If any sugar is left at the bottom of the bowl, scoop it into the syrup. Add the vinegar, and whisk to combine. Cover and give the shrub a gentle shake. Refrigerate.

Enjoy after giving it at least a day or two to develop (see note). The flavors will change as the fruit acids and sugars dissolve. After one week, the granulated sugar should be completely dissolved. The shrub will keep, refrigerated, for up to 1 year.



Add to sparkling water for a fizzy refresher, or experiment and add to cocktails.