Veggie Potato Salad

Serving size:


    • 1 lb
    • red potatoes, cooked and cubed
    • 1⁄2 c
    • sliced celery
    • 1⁄4 c
    • sliced radishes
    • 1⁄3 c
    • italian salad dressing
    • 1 t
    • dill weed
    • 1 1⁄2 c
    • chopped fresh broccoli
    • 1⁄4 c
    • chopped red onion
    • 2 T
    • chopped green pepper
    • 1⁄2 t
    • seasoning blend
10 minutes
Ready in
10 minutes


A new twist on an old favorite.

The Igl Family, WSGC's local potato farmers.


In a large salad bowl, toss the potatoes and vegetables. In a small bowl or jar, blend the Italian dressing, dill and seasoning blend; add to potato mixture and toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate one hour or until ready to serve.


While the cubed potatoes are still warm, toss them gently with 2 tablespoons of the dressing and then let cool before adding remaining ingredients. The warm potatoes will soak up the flavor of the dressing.